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Injured for Too Long, 12wks to Being Injury Free

Hi, this will be a log on my injuries both for myself and others to look at and critique and advice, so feel free to voice out your opinions on whatever you see here.

Anyways, I’ve been injured for about almost 2 months now. My SI joint is incredibly stiff and it’s causing overcompensation in my lower back muscles, leading to a lot of pain in my l5-s1 area and it flares up almost everyday, except when i’m asleep.

I have had inner knee pain that i’ve been ignoring out of youthful rashness for almost 3 months now. I am currently seeing a physio, MRI done so no meniscus or cartilage issues, most likely a bad MCL strain. Might now even be too bad because the MCL looked fine on the MRI, or maybe it just wasn’t picked up. This is affecting both knees, so right now my lower and upper body are both restricted incredibly.

Its been like this for a few months now, but I’ve decided to face the facts and stop all exercise and instead focus on recovery, at the same time read and further my knowledge. the physio says 1 month for my back to heal, and 3 months tops for my knee, hence the title.

I will abandon this thread the moment I get the green light from the physio and doc to start training again, so if you are a late reader to this thread, here’s to the hope that it hasn’t been updated for a while.

current;y, I’ve been prescribed to do loads of pelvic tilts for my lower back to mobilise the area. sitting, standing, lying down. And isometric bridges.

As for my knees, right now they’re just covered in kinesio tape, dunno if it works. Today was my 2nd appointment with a new physio who’s better than the others I’ve seen and he did ultrasound on it and it’s starting to feel a little less painful.

questions, critiques? Advice is welcome and needed. Thanks!

Hm… Thanks, sounds decent. I’m still in puberty though, 15 this year, so would colostrum affect my growth? Don’t want to be already shorter than I am, I’m only 5’6ish

oops… didn’t put 2 and 2 together.

wow 187 is tall. In my country you’d be a giant.

anyways, an update to my status:

back is a little better, the spasms are a lot less as I’m starting to strengthen my abs and mobilise my pelvis, knees are also getting better, but the difference is so minute I couldn’t even notice it.

Anyone with knee injuries here? how long did it take for you guys to recover from them? what was the progress like?

An update here:

back pain got considerably better this week, but it suddenly came back when I accidentally rounded my back while bending down to take a look at something, so spasms are back…

Physios are still positive on my recovery though.

Knee appears to be recovering as well, though its incredibly slow I can feel it becoming slightly more stable and hardly anymore buckling, which is great.

Back hurts like a bitch even while sitting down or standing up, and often enough with the pain it gets incredibly hard to keep a cool head, good thing its the holidays now so I can rest up and recover.