injured elbow

Need some advice here. I hurt my elbow doing skull crushers two weeks ago (going too heavy). I’m not sure if its tendonitis (its been a nagging thing for a while, i just really fucked it up this time), im guessing it is, should probably go to a doctor…anyways…I took the past two weeks off. Doing tricep, bicep, and chest movements aggrivate it. I started up again this week,
I’ve done back and abs so far, and it feels fine. Im about to do chest. I want to bench press, but that bothers it. What would you suggest, to keep the least ammount of stress on my elbows? Machine work? thanks for any help

I’ve been fightly this exact problem for over a year. Firstly, get it checked out and don’t do anything that will aggrevate it. Look into getting some elbow sleeves and be sure to ice after lifting.