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Injured Diaphragm?


OK one week ago when I was doing some heavy (for me) squats latter in the night my stomach started hurting.
I chalked it up to some bad food and went to bed. Next morning I was in some serious pain basically felt like I had horrible gas but it was all located in my stomach area basically right under the ribs.
That day was my day off lifting so I decided to just cut out anything that might give me gas and figure I would feel better in a few hours.
Nope all day I was in significant pain and found eating to be difficult because I was feeling full all the time

At this point I was getting a little worried but I figure I would wait till the next day to make a trip to the Dr.

The next morning my parents called to talk to me and my father and sister were both feeling a similar in the stomach area pain and they had accounted it to some sort of stomach bug
Since the night I felt ill I had gone out with someone how claimed they had just gotten over the flue I figure this must be what it is, got lots of rest drank my liquids and stayed in

I felt better by about day 4 and felt completely fine by day 5.

Now one week after the original issue I got back to do some squats (again heavy for me) and the pain was back

I'm kind of worried that I might have pulled or injured some muscles in my upper abdomen particularly my diaphragm from the increased internal pressure. Has anyone else had these same symptoms after squatting?


About 6 hours later it feels like the pain is going away but last time I did not feel the pain until far later in the night so we will see how I feel tomorrow


Well doing chinups wasnt a hell of a lot better.
Im thinking ther is definetly something in there that got strained in one way or another.
Has anyone ever felt this way


Go get checked. Seriously sounds like you got really screwed in some fashion