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Injured But Willing To Learn

This question is directed at Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson. Six months ago due to being overly eager I overtrained and injured my left hip, left supraspinatus, and right forearm. I am currently 4 months into rehabilitaion for those three injuries. In addition, I have incorporated dynamic flexibility, static stretching, soft tissue work as well as Neanderthal No More correcting exercises.

I have also begun a big push into serious grip and wrist training. I believe that most of my imbalance and injury problems start from weak grip and wrists.I am probably still two months from beginning to tackle compound lifts once more. I am 36 years old and can no longer tolerate injuries and lack of progress.

I have two questions and they are as follows:

1.Are dips and heavy over head military standing supports exercises that I should even consider somewhere down the road?

2.Should I be doing anything else to help prevent future training injuries? Thanks.