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Injured And Fattening Up Quickly! Help!

Hey guys, I recently got a hernia so I’m out of action for ALL forms of exercise until my op next week and then for a few weeks after.

I’m currently 19, 70kg (153lbs) 5’9".

Before I stopped i was:
running 10km 2x week
waterpolo training and match
gym 3x week - full body

I’ve only been off training for about a week and already I feel like I’ve transformed!

Im eating just below maintenance but Im still putting on weight! Im eating cleanly too (Oatmeal, whey, lean meats lots of veggies and fruit, wholemeal bread and pasta) but I still feel hungry within an hour of eating. And even if i was a little over, it surely wouldnt pile on this quick!?

I know I was never eating enough before normally 3000 cals instead of about 3700, but surely I cant have stuffed up my metabolism so much that without exercise I cant stay lean!?

Anyone got any suggestions?

Yup. Worry about healing, then resume exercise. It’s only a couple of weeks. Just take it easy.

You weigh 70kg and you’re worried about being fat? How fat could you be? Watch your calories, and take a chill pill.

[quote]deanosumo wrote:
You weigh 70kg and you’re worried about being fat? How fat could you be? Watch your calories, and take a chill pill.

Agreed. At about 150lbs, why the hell are you so worried about gaining weight?

I reckon its coz me heads messed up. My ultimate goal was to get a goos solid six pack - which I wasnt so far off before this. I’ve worked so hard for what i got now even and I just want to be closer to it when I can train again(and I know you can prolly mostly relate to that).

So i wanna minimize damage

If you are gaining weight then by definition you are not eating maintinence, it’s advisable maintain bodyweight or above when rehabbing a injury…

if you are hungry one hour after eating you had too little protein in that meal.

You are very likely eating too much carbs too, the only reason why you got away with it was the constant running.

There are only two places carbs can be stored (not exactly true, but to keep it simple) muscle and fat depots.

How much carbs do you think your muscles can store and use at, ahem, 70kg oh allmost but not quite ripped one?


I’m going to call bullshit on your calorie totals. You only weigh 150 and don’t even have enough lean mass to have a 6 pack showing and you are saying your maintenance is 3700? I’m your height but 195 and have a 6 pack and I’m gaining weight on 3500.

Generally 12-14 cals per pound you’ll lose, 15-16 stay the same, and 17 and over you’ll gain.
Your saying 3700 at 150 which puts you close to 25 cals per pound, isn’t that about the recomended amount of cals for someone training on gear? No wonder your gaining fat.