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Injured ACL and Squatting

I injured my knee in rugby back in March. After dealing with useless physios since then I have been told it is a damaged ACL (not completely torn) and meniscus.

Was wondering if anyone has had this type of injury and kept squatting/ heavy leg work up with it. I know there will be a bit of pain but even resting it seems to be doing nothing to speed up recovery. Getting frustrated with trainings and misinformation from physios.

at the top right there is a ‘google site search’ feature. i typed ‘acl squat’ into it and came up with lots of links to really relevant posts.

I’ve had 2 ACL surgeries on the same knee(the second one was 100% my own fault).

I squat, on the regular. There is really not too much that relate between the two… unless you went dynamic with the situation. ACL holds your knee in place for lateral movement, and not so much static exercises.

If you do feel pain in your knee during squats, try elevating your heels. It helped me tremendously, in targeting the quad more, and taking pressure of the knees. However, I’m 6’2, so I think the relief from elevated stance is due to my heigh and not ligament status.

Just let it heal, don’t try to train with the pain. I guarantee your time out will be less if you let it heal completely and then start up again. This is not the type of injury to rush the process, even thuogh it’s not torn.