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Injured - 5/3/1 with No Squats?

Long story short- i pulled something in my hips/low back and can’t squat for the time being. I’m doing what i need to heal up but i’d like to get back to training. What can i use as a replacement for squats in a fullbody template temporarily? Deadlifting is ok, so i was thinking of using powercleans instead. Obviously not ideal but is this a good/stupid idea? Something like:

Powercleans: 5x5 FSL
Bench 5/3/1
Chins 50 reps
single leg 50 reps

Deadlift 5/3/1
press 5/3/1
db rows 50 reps
single leg 50 reps

powerclean: 5’s pro
Bench 5x5@FSL (maybe DB bench here)
Chins 50 reps
single leg 50 reps

Any advice is appreciated.

Id be careful with the power cleans. Theyre more of a hip explosive exercise. If your hip is injured Id avoid them. If single leg feels fine Id do those type of movements. Bulgarians or split squats. Trying something with a hex bar might help too. Just do what you can, not focus on what you can’t. Look into some anterior pelvic tilt stuff. A lot of back issues are caused by hips being out of place. Avoid sit ups. They’ll make it worse. Check out Stuart McGill. He’s a good guy to look into for rehabbing that area.

Can you do leg press? Lunges maybe. You really want to get something that is primarily legs, think of how sore your legs can be after a good squat workout the next day, power cleans just won’t do that. Whatever you do ignore the 5/3/1 progression and just do the alternative exercise for whatever sets/reps you think are best until you get back to doing squats again.

I’ve done 5/3/1 without the squats due to (knee) injury. I could pull so I did deadlifts, PC and loads of single leg work (like suggested).

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Try doing leg presses if you can. I’m in the same boat. I don’t squat or deadlift(for right now). I’ll probably never go back to squats and stick with leg presses but hope to deadlift again eventually.