Injections vs Creams: Estrogen

My starting Total test levels were 200 total test, and 7 my free estrongen didn’t even register. My dr started me on 75 milligrams compounding cream. My total T went up to 350, Free T 11.8, Estrogen 33, SHPG 12. He moved me up to 125 Milligrams and my new test came back showing Estrogen at 50! I haven’t gotten total, or free T back yet but I suspect they aren’t doing well because A. I don’t feel great, and B my LDL cholesterol went up from the previous test (My LDL’s were in the 150 area, dropped to 133 when started cream, and back up to 150 again).

My question is if I were on injections would my Estrogen levels be better than on creams or am I hardwired to convert more to estrogen?

Transdermals tend to raise estrogen more than injections, but you should probably be taking an AI like anastrozole regardless. Is your doctor open to prescribing it?