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Injections in arms

Has anyone ever injected into your arms or delts? I want to try doing this but I don’t know if its safe. Can anyone enlighten me?

I dont think injecting anything in your arm, or forearm would be a good idea. There are several nerves, arteries and vein, and unless you have taken gross anatomy you probaly dont know where they are. As far as the delt, its a safer area. However, If you have no idea what you are doing, the “Ass” is the safest area. It has the greatest muscle mass, and its harder to hit important structures in the area.

    Unless you exactly know every vein in your body and wont hit it then....I suggest you still dont do it. If you hit a vein then the synthol(Iam guessing thats what you are talking about) may get in your lungs or even heart. 
    Obvisouly you wanna get big fast like most everyone but I suggest this is not the way. Use glutamin, creatine (cycled) lots and lots of water I drink 6 to 9 bottles during my workout then 5 to 7 during the day. Plus eat 6 to 7 meals including protein drinks and get 9 to 10 hours of rest. try that before you try injection. 

           KEEP LIFTING!!!