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Injections Getting More Painful

First cycle, done 6 injections so far. First was in delt, hit a blood vessel and decided to move to glutes. Next 3 injections into glutes went amazing, no pain, no blood. 5th a 6th injections are a different story, both have felt like shoving a dull knife through cardboard on penetration, and both have bled like a mofo and been ridiculously sore for days. Now I’m worried about fucking up to the point where all I think about is having to pin again. Any tips/tricks for self-pinning glutes and/or calming nerves before injection?

What size needles are you using?

Are you pinning with the same needle your drawing with?

You are using a different needle for every injection, correct?

23g, yes switching needle between draw and injection, yes new needle every time.

Try a 25g instead. If that still leaves you in pain you either need to man up or stop using gear.

You could always backfill insulin needles and inject in more shallow muscles but this can lead to issues aswell like swelling and pip.