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Injections, Eek!


If you knew what I did with my life, you wouldn't think I was a wuss, and I'm not! In fact, I've given myself four sc injections now, so that proves I'm not!

But I HATE doing it! It absolutely destroys me. No, there's no pain; I can't feel the 29ga pins at all, but just the thought of sticking myself gives me the heebie-jeebies for hours afterward.

Any of you know what I mean?


I got the shakes after injecting every time for the first month or so I was on TRT. Made me nervous as hell, and I'm not a wuss either. But now... now it's no big deal, just something I spend 2 min doing after coffee and before hitting the shower.


I just went on injections myself. I had my first shot 2 weeks ago @ 200mg but am doing 100mg per week now on my own. Anyway, I went into the Dr's office for the medical assistant to show me how to properly inject on my own. It was weird holding that needle there above my leg. I just jabbed it in there though and slowly pushed. Wasn't that bad. Next one will be completely solo.