Injections and Cream for TRT?

Has anyone tried, or currently on, a combination of injections and T cream for TRT? Anecdotally guys on T cream seem to not struggle with libido, due to higher DHT presumably. What if you were to combine say 150mg T cyp/week with Xmg cream/day, is it possible to get the best of both worlds?

I think @bkb333 has been doing it for a couple of weeks, check his log, seems to be working for his libido.

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I was going to suggest @bkb333 as well. Seems to be helping in his case.

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Thanks guys, I read his post, interested to see what he says. My wife is on 3mg/day T cream, I might liberate some of that and experiment a little.

Too early for me to say whether the combination works, but from my experience, some cream is always better than no cream. It does a lot for the libido.

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Thanks. I’m going to run an experiment. I’m currently on 200mg T cyp, split into 2 shots/week. I’m going to drop that to 150mg/week and add 6mg T cream per day which is 42 mg cream a week. Let’s see what happens.

I highly doubt that will do anything given the absorption rates of topicals. Most of the creams men use start at 50mg per click, so you can’t even really dose lower than that. I’d just hate for you to use up a bunch of cream for nothing. 42mg per DAY would be more where I’d start if I was you, not per week.


100% agree, I’d never go below 50mg a day. You won’t notice anything. Even 50 is very subtle, at least to me (though I require a lot of T to “feel” it).

You’re wasting your time experimenting at such a low dose and will feel worse because you dropped your injectable T so much.

My advice: maintain your current dose of Tcyp and add 50mg cream per day. But I tend to push things more than others.

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Ok thanks. Not sure if I explained correctly. The bottle is 50g cream containing 150mg Test. Each pump is 1g being 3mg testosterone. Is that still too little as I won’t actually absorb 3g per pump?Sorry, I have no experience with creams.

Yes, that is way way way too little. Most of the male creams are 16-17x more T than that (50mg per click or pump where yours is 3mg per pump).

That kind of makes sense though… women usually need roughly about 1/10th the dose of T that men do, so that’s in the ballpark for a women’s cream, I think.

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Ah, I missed that it was women’s cream. You probably want to order some men’s cream if your provider will order it. Mine is 50 mg. Most guys who aren’t doing injections get 200.

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Great thanks guys. I’ll look into getting a male compounded cream and start that. I’ll report back when I’ve got it. Appreciate the advice.

I did cream and injections once for about two weeks because I was switching over from injections to cream. My Dr. knew nothing about the scrotum 200mg cream, I talked them into letting me trying it after they did alittle research into it.

Honestly, that was my best two weeks ever on TRT I felt great. Bad thing was I couldn’t do both DR. told me pick one go with it. On cream now like it , I don’t plan on switching away from it any time soon. I would love to try 40-50mg injection twice a week with cream 1 click AM and PM. I’m not a hyper responder to testosterone just about average number wise from dose to labs I’ve seen. Some people that might be to much or too little.

I think that Combo would put me at the 1000-1400 area which I feel great at. I’m 2 clicks AM and PM cream right now which puts me there 1000-1400 depending on testing time. I’ve felt the best with those numbers and zero side negatives.

That said I hate shots LOL and my cream protocol is dialed in right now so wouldn’t change anything I guess :slight_smile:

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Great thanks for the info. I’m going to try the cream and mixing it with shots, assuming I can get the Dr to agree.

So how can he just prescribe it? Does one of the major pharma companies make it?

I took the all information for them to check out and Printed some research studies( only found two on 20% cream). The dosage 200mg/20% and MedQuest pharmacy’s info Also.

My Dr. was interested/opened minded took the time to review and research the cream as any good Dr should. After about a week called me and said let’s give it a try. They were very interested in having another good alternative to injections that still worked really well for guys that didn’t like needles.

I’m not sure if they have prescribed any more other than me since. With my positive results/labs I’m sure they most likely have.

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Any doc should be able to send a prescription to Empower for it


I think the hold up will be getting a dr. to agree to do so.

Do you have to be a member of Empower? Or can you just contact them with a script and order?

Yeah, I don’t know how many docs would send a prescription to some company they’ve never heard of for a product they’ve never used before… I mean, maybe some open minded ones would do their own research?

I don’t know what the process is though… not sure if they have to get setup with them first or pay a monthly fee or just literally just email them whatever documentation is needed for someones prescription? I’m not sure… I’m interested in knowing if you find out though.


I’ve used axiron and was able to reach the 700s TT easily.

I am mainly looking for libido as shots isn’t working well.

What is the major pro with creme or gels? If gels can get somewhat up in numbers (like i was able to), isn’t the creme basically the same thing?

Or is the creme better at raising DHT in comparison to gels?