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Injections - Advice???

I’m taking test enthanate… What’s the best way to inject??
I was injecting in the butt, and now in the deltoid …
Any advice???

Look up ventrogluteal. By far my favorite site at the moment.

I prefer the glutes…my leg is rock hard I hate it…

leg for me

butt is awkward to do yourself, and i kept hitting nerves or something in my delts, hurt like a bitch


slin pins, then you can hit delts/tris/bis/pecs/calves considering you are low bf%

wooft there’s no way I’d pin my bi’s or tri’s! I’d hit bone.

[quote]rds63799 wrote:
wooft there’s no way I’d pin my bi’s or tri’s! I’d hit bone.[/quote]

haha don’t go over 1cc if you do unless your arms are over 18" and you’re 5’7…so I’ve heard anyway… :slight_smile:

fuck that, I can’t bring myself to pin anywhere on my upper body. I’m slowly coming round to the idea of pinning shoulders but I’m really not keen

try your pecs…the inflammation (not infection) will make the muscle look SWOLE for a few days!!! Well…So i’ve heard

Eurgh no way the chest is the worst! Besides, my pecs dominate my physique as it is. Don’t need those fuckers to swell up