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I’m going to go on my first cylce off 200 deca and 250 sustanon for 10 weeks. It will be injected in to my glut. I was wondering how much is the pain. Is it some thing to take under consideration. thank you

Read the “Steroids for Dummies” article at T-mag. It has injection info. It’s in previous issues.

If you use the upper outer quadrant of the glute as instructed, you will barely notice the needle entering. I use 21g pins and I always know that I’ve got the right area. Aim too low and the sharp “pricking” sensation from contact with the point of the pin will be much more noticeable IMO. BTW, I’m right handed and find it much harder to locate the right area for an injection site on days when I’m using my left glute ! Best of luck.

You should not exepience much in the pain department. 250 tends to hurt a little which may last for 2 days (mild). if the 250 has green writing on it-- ie. the large " 250" in big print – be careful. there seems to be a bad batch going around.If its printed in blue — no problem… However, you must remember “no pain no gain!”

I most strongly suggest swapping out to
a 25 gauge needle after aspirating the
oil into the syringe with a 21-23 gauge.
There is just no reason to abuse yourself
with something like a 21-gauge.

Also, it’s much easier to inject at a correct
speed with a 25 gauge, and too easy to inject
too fast when using the bigger needles.

For most people, a sustanon 250 shot hurts pretty damn badly. (some people it doesn’t hurt at all- just one of those things). Anyway, to minimize the pain, mix 1 cc of sustanon with 1 cc of deca in the same syringe and inject it SLOWLY (like 3 mins for 2cc slow)into the upper outsides of the glue. been on that cycle for 16 days now - up 14 lbs - good luck, man.