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Injection volume-please help

Ok here´s the story, in a few weeks I´m starting a serious mass cycle and the injection volume on day 1 is my problem.

I want to inject 8 cc´s of test and 8 cc´s of
deca and all I got to shoot with are 22-g,1.5 inch with 2 cc´s containers.

Can I use the same injection sites twice, eg 2 cc´s for 2 times in each glute and leg ?

I figured I could to the first 4 shots in the morning and the remaining 4 shots in the evening.

This is only done on day 1 and for the coming
injections I´ll only use 8 cc´s.

You want to inject 1600 mg of Deca??

(By the way, Paul Borreson is dead.)

Good luck… most guys don’t like levels
over 400 mg/week. I’ve known exactly one
user who was happy with the gram per week
level. Obviously there are others but the
point is that it’s fairly uncommon to
have tolerance for that much Deca. I’m
referring to mood and libido problems.

As for your other questions, first, I’d look
at getting some 25 gauge needles. Aspirate
with the 22 gauge and then switch to the 25.
This gives a FAR more human injection.
Secondly, don’t use the same site.

If you indeed wind up having to inject yourself
8 times in one day with 22 gauge, well, better
you than me!

Actually the deca is 100 mg/ml so 800 mg is
injected on day one only, followed by 400 mg
per week - I figured i needed to do this in
order to achieve the desirable steroid levels
at the very start from the cycle.

Is 1000 mg of test and 400 mg of deca per week
really excessive ? I tolerated a gram of
test really well-not a lot of sideeffects.

The testosterone will only be injected for 6 weeks since the stuff stays around for some time-my calculation ended up 24 days after the last injection to reach the 100 mg level (this
includes earlier injections)

Furtermore for the last 3 weeks of the 8 week
cycle 400 mg of primo is used as the half life
of deca is 8 days or so and using it longer
might mess up my recovery.

Any comments ?

BTW I´m certainly not anyway near the 4-5 grams
suggested by Borreson, well not yet anyway :slight_smile:

Rotate the sites. You are injesting a shit load of volume. I wouldn’t shoot more that 3 cc’s per area. Do butt, butt, shoulder,shoulder, leg, leg…This gives you 6 available sites reducing the need for high volume in a few areas. Also rotate days, don’t do them all in one day. Enjoy being a pin cusion…ouch. 22 gauge doesn’t bother me, it’s those darn 4 gauge needles that really get me.

A gram per week of testosterone plus 400 mg/week of Deca is a little on the heavy side but is not too outrageous. Your wanting to swap out for Primo towards the end is a good idea, and I’d think for sure you’ll get good results from your cycle. I’d definitely consider adding a Class II along with the Primo, once you’re dropping the T and Deca in the last few weeks.

As far as adding a class II steroid with the
I´ve considered adding dbol ,actually gradually increasing the dosage, starting at
25 mg and maxing out at 50 mg at the end of the cycle , as the test. that was injected earlier self-tapers away.

However, since I am in fact a vain bastard and can´t stand being out of shape, I am going to bulk for 6 weeks followed by hard
dieting for 18 days, would adding the dbol in
the last few weeks still be of any benefit?

Sure, still of some benefit to add only
at the end. I don’t know why you wouldn’t
want to use it during the bulking weeks
also though, unless there is an availability
or financial consideration, or you had
another Class II in mind.