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Injection Tip

I would advise anyone using Tren to “flick” the needle prior to injection in order to remove any draining Tren from the outside of the needle.

I am starting week 6 of daily tren injections. I injected today into my right thigh, and although I successfully aspirated, when I pulled the needle out after injection it was clear I had went THROUGH a vein because I was bleeding like crazy.

I started coughing like mad for about 30 seconds. No swimmy head or dancing raisins, but a choking cough. I believe it was due to the excessive Tren on the needle (I waste more than I should when I push the plunger prior to injection to remove air bubbles) that went into the bloodstream.

For Gods sake aspirate, and flick your needle of excess Tren.

I’m not sure the tren cough has anything to do with excess shit getting into your bloodstream… some of my friends get it EVERY time they inject. Sometimes it just hits you the right way i guess. I don’t really get the cough too much… i just get a nasty taste in my mouth.

I try to flick my needle frequently just to be sure. You can never flick the ol’ needle too much I always say.

Well this is my first time injecting homebrew, and I am injecting every day. I am using insulin pins, and other then the fact that it takes five minutes to draw up the oil through the pin (which I can do while watching tv) the injections are AWESOME! I get no pain whatsoever in my quads or ventro glut sites and only a little in the biceps that goes away within a day or so.
The thing is, I was worried about the whole fina cough thing, since I had never tried home brew before but I’m not getting a bad reaction… Actually I get a little head rush each time I inject that feels, well, really good! oh no… I am turning into a TREN JUNKIE!

I am using insulin pins, and other then the fact that it takes five minutes to draw up the oil through the pin

Hey, that plunger does come out the back and it is OK to take a larger needle and withdraw it out of the vial and then transfer it over to the slin syringe. Just a thought. If you were a real TREN JUNKIE you would not be able to wait. :wink:

i get that same cough at times. it sucks but i havent found anything to cure it yet. i like having a drop or two of oil on the outside of the pin. helps lube it for a smoother injection. i cant think of any reason not too. it doesnt make it past the skin level.

i thought you want to lube the pin? i have had them want to stick when i don’t.

p22 i have bent insulin pins when stickin my quad. scared the shit out of me, thoguht it was gonna break off.lol how do you do it?

squatty it’s fukin amazing, as soon as i’m done i swear i can taste it too.lol

drago never had the cough, did you ever try the anithistemine?

In six weeks worth of daily injections, I only coughed once. I only tasted it the first three days maybe.

What does it taste like?

Thanks for the tip Ru, whish I had read it before I started drawing up my next dose!

Mdog: I put the needle right up against my quad then push it in- sounds painful but it doesn’t bend and once it breaks the skin it goes in like a hot knife through butter!

Warhorse: the taste everyone is talking about is the BA - you can actually taste it in your mouth a little as you are injecting it- I think it is because it gets into your blood stream and you exhale it via the lungs and thats where you get the smell/taste from.

but if its the BA why dont we get it from most other oil based steroids. even ones with high BA concentrations such as propionate. i like the blood stream/lung thought though. never considered that. ide like to hear cy’s or bill’s take on this. it seems to effect alot of us but none of us know for sure why.

i think Bill said it was from the glue and binders from the finaplix pellets…which is apparently why the “pharmaceutical” grade products such as RSOC dont cause the coughing fits.

I actually have gotten the same taste in my mouth from injecting testoviron, Equipoise, and test prop -probably from everything I have used. It may just be that I am extra sensitive to the taste then you guys but I have to tell you it is definitely the BA that I am tasting, and it is also the BA that gives me the slight head rush I get after an injection.

some of you may remember my post from about a month ago about the coughing problem i was having. it was making me almost black out. i was on proline tren at 100mgs/ed. just as fast as it came. it went. no rhyme or reason for it.

i heard that it smells like fish but tastes like chicken.

The taste is metallic