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Injection Timing/Sleep Issues


Has anyone noticed a correllation between injections and sleeping issues? I tend to take my T injections before bed, and I think I'm noticing that I have trouble sleeping those nights. I haven't narrowed this down for sure, but would like anyone else's thoughts/experience.
Also - would it be better to take them in the AM, to more closely mimic a "natural" morning level increase?


I feel a sense of euphoria an hour or so after my injection so if that's what you're feeling then yes that would keep me up as well. I don't pin close to bed time more like 7 PM.


Everyone is different, so what you notice about your own response is what you need to go by.

There can be a lot of transient effects when you start TRT.

The effects can vary with E2 levels and injection protocols. The ester type can have some effects too.


I'll pin again tomorrow night, so I'll try and make a mental note. I'm currently using Test enan.
I'll have my 250IU hcg tonight as well, I'll see if that makes a difference.

BTW - this is my second "go around" with TRT. Had to get a new doc, so I came off for 4 months to clean out and get new baselines. For anyone that is thinking about stopping - don't. I felt like death, to put it mildly.


It's for life Cat!


Well, I was up all night last night after the hcg stick. I did it right before bed, so roughly a little after 10, and it was easily after 11 before I fell asleep. Granted, I usually have a hard time getting to sleep anyway, but this was way worse. So, I guess I need to focus on taking my medicine either in the AM, or much earlier in the night.


Could have been psychological...like you know your testing your ability to fall asleep is keeping you up just thinkng about it. Sort of like doctor office anxiety; patients blood pressure and pulse are normal...till the go to the doctors office and the anxiety increases both. I don't feel anything with hCG.


Correct, could have all been in my head. Regardless, I'm going to try and pin my test e earlier in the night and see how I sleep tonight. I imagine I won't have a hard time at all due to the near-total lack of sleep I got last night lol.