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Injection Time & Cycle Advice

I recently got 2 10ml bottles of a testosterone blend by an international lab with the intention of performing two bulking cycles. The blend is 150mg Test Cypionate, 150mg Test Enanthate, 100mg Test Undecanoate per ml (for a total of 400mg/ml).

I understand that Cyp and Enan have about 6-7 day half-life, but I am having trouble trying to get a definate value on the half-life of undecanoate. From what Ive read it varies between 18 and 30+ days.
Based on this I am guessing that I would be best just dosing it in the same fashion as Cyp/enan in order to ensure that the levels of cyp/enan stay up. Usually for me this means a split weekly dose on Mon/Thurs, and with this blend I would probably use 1/2ml each prick.

Any input on how a half-life this long woud affect PCT would also be appreciated. Im thinking that although the drug would remain active longer, the amounts would be very low??
The only experience I have with AAS was a 6 week cyp cycle. I am 6’2" 205lbs 12%BF ectomorph. I am looking to bulk up as much as possible over two 8-10 week cycles, so 400mg a week of long acting test should be a good place to start. I also have 3 weeks d-bol for the start of each cycle.

Any thoughts or suggestions anyone has would be appreciated.
I am also trying to figure out a good addition to my second cycle. I was thinking EQ or Tren. I am mainly interested in bulking for now, I will save a cutting cycle for after these two.
Thanks for the input

Half times are calculated by carbons in the ester multiplied by .7

So Enathate 7 carbons = 4.9 days; Cypionate 8 carbons = 5.6 days; Undecanoate 10 carbons = 7 days. You could convinceably get away with just one shot a week. But, 2 a week certainly will provide more even blood levels.

IMO 400mg’s of Test is a tad on the low side, especially considering the extra weight of the carbon esters you’re truly only getting around 260mg’s of Test a week if you shoot 400mg’s. I recommend maybe doing 3/4 a CC twice a week.

For your second cycle look at Deca,Tren or EQ and choice the one which most applies to your goals. Most likely it will be Tren