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Injection Technique


Some questions about injections:

  1. When aspirating (to check for blood), how far back do you pull back the plunger typically? (Is it less than .1 ml?)

  2. Is there any risk of hitting bone? Would that hurt a lot, or is that not even possible?

  3. Based on pictures of thigh injections, it looks like some people inject into the outer thigh, while other inject into the top of the thigh. Are both fine? And in general, how precise is the location where the needle needs to be inserted? Is pretty much any nearby part of the muscle fine?

  4. How long after an injection of test-e do you feel the injection? Do some brands of test-e cause more damage at the injection site than other brands?

Thank you.


  1. i pull back just enough to see the one little bubble that comes back.

  2. not unless you have >1.5" of thigh muscle. i imagine a needle to the bone wouldnt feel nice.

3.it has to be in the muscle. i flex, feel a nice thick spot,relax, and press the needle to the skin and just push until i feel it go deep into the muscle but i dont go to the plastic.

  1. ? if by feel you mean the pain, there will be a little soreness at the end of the day and some good soreness the following 1-2 days, then it will be magically gone. the first 1-3 shots will leave you a little sore but then you will get used to it and be fine.

**make sure you eat before you poke. RELAX, it's gonna be ok. and keep everything CLEAN. wash your hands, and wear gloves. swab with strong isopropyll, and just go for it. if you feel any nausea, SIT DOWN. after my first poke on an empty stomach i passed out onto a trashcan. there is a post about it nearby. i ate before the next one, reassured myself i knew what i was doing without a doubt, and i didnt feel a thing. i've been getting injected weekly for well over a year, by somebody else. the one time i do it myself i bite it, it shows the mind is powerfull.


  1. Pull back until you see an air bubble or blood, hopfully just an air bubble. If blood, pull out and try again.
    2.If the needle is long enough of course there is a chance. I have done it before and it hurt like a bitch, you will know if you hit bone. The pain stayed for a couple of days.
  2. see www.howtodoinjections.com as long as your in the muscle your good to go.
  3. Depends how much your doing, and how used to injections your body is.


I'll definitely look for that post :slightly_smiling:

Wow, those diagrams are much clearer than the ones I was looking at.

Thanks for the help guys.


http://www.spotinjections.com is a good one, too.

But it doesn't show the best site, the ventrogluteal:


Get this figured out and injecting is a breeze. My first injection was easy and more than painless, absolutely sensationless, using this site. Wait about 8 hours and you'll feel some soreness, but if you got a decent product the pain is nothing big. You can take a look at my log I have a description of the first few injections.

  1. Already answered above

  2. I cant imagine hitting the bone! If you only do glutes, ventrogluteal, delts and quads, you have to do it on purpose...

  3. Yes, both are fine. Most will do outer quads though. A tip I learned recently from this board (I sadly dont remember who gave it to me but thanx!) is to lie down with your leg relaxed and strecthed out for quad injections.

  4. I've used horribly painful brands of test, and totally painless ones. Also, glutes and ventrogluteal shots are usually painless for me, while quads are often slightly painful. I've yet to inject shoulders or anywhere else.


Well said. If you hit a vein, however, you will likely not see a bubble but rather a slight trace of blood seeping back in (not to mention more pain than necessary).

It actually isn't so bad.

You really shouldn't flex while injecting, for a number of reasons. I would not recommend that.

I think by "feel" he means the effect of the Testosterone in the blood stream in relation to work-out, libido, etc. This is usually 10-14 days for Test E (at least in my experiences). Other people contest that it's as much as 4 weeks, but I frankly find that untrue.

This is very subjective to your own experience, mazilla. Not to undercut good advice, but it's not necessary to eat beforehand, nor is it entirely necessary to wear gloves so long as his hands are thoroughly clean. As far as passing out, that's only about a 10% chance that varies from person to person.


My one piece of advice about thigh injections is NEVER workout legs on a day you inject in the thigh lol. I injected my thigh about 6 days ago, did a heavy ass leg day and I've been a cripple ever since haha. After that experience im just gonna stick with the delts lol


That soreness should go away, though, over time. The first few injections are sore for a few days, but over time, you may not be sore at all. I can inject in my thighs and work them the same day, the same hour, no problems at all.


Heh maybe I just did something wrong then. Delts always go smoothly but when I did the thigh it got extremely sore and got bright red and blotchy all over my thigh and down towards my knee. I was rly worried that it had gotten infected but after like 4 days of taking anti-inflammatories it went down significantly. Now the only part that hurts is the injection site. But naturally im kinda nervous to inject my thigh again lol


Hmmm, yeah, that's not normal. Most of us have dealt with a bad injection somewhere along the way. Just don't take any short cuts on your sanitation steps.


used a needle and syringe fresh out of the pack, used alcohol to clean the injection site and the top of the vial, even shaved where I was going to inject. So idk where i went wrong


Your injection may fall into the 'shit happens' category.


I dont really like injecting, and I'm sometimes tense, but I've never ever been even close to passing out.


I have no idea how you guys use the thigh without hitting veins. I have pretty thin skin, and yes, I'm a pale wintered Canadian, and all I see is a latticework of veins. I look at my outer thigh and when I pull the skin tight, all I see are blue lines. Seems like I would need Robin Hood precision to hit the mark...or rather, not hit it...


If by thigh you mean outer quad, I use it all the time and have yet to hit a vein. Anyway if you can see the veins you are actually at an advantage to the rest of us in that you can see where not to hit :slightly_smiling:


Yeah, but with the size of your legs, you have much more real estate to choose from...hehe

And for anyone looking for injection techniques pictures, I have never found anything that made it clearer to me than this: