Injection Technique

Just wondering

Would it be more beneficial to inject into the muscle (ex. Quad) on leg day before or after my workout?


I hate doing the quad, worst spot.

Ventro Glute is best

Do glute injection. If you happen to hit a nerve or something, it can sometimes create a knot which is so annoying for leg day however if that happens when injecting into the glute it still doesn’t affect my leg workout in any way.

Glute? Really? I have monkey arms and I can’t get there easily. Quad is easy and generally pain free, but Sub-Q in the belly is even easier. Delts are easy too with the 27 ga.

It doesn’t have to be quad.

inject into delt on shoulder day
Inject into pec on chest day ETC…

I just wonder if it helps to disperse the oil

Before: would the workout help disperse the oil faster


After: would the newly worked and warmed up muscle disperse the oil faster

Do you hate doing your quad because you are using a harpoon?

I use a 27g half inch and quads are the easiest.

No, I would absolutely stay away from the muscles I am going to use in the gym that day.

I hate doing quads cause it is the most nerves and the least favorable place to inject IMO.

Like I said, ventro glute is hands down the best.

A lot of new guys use the quad cause they can use both hands, but once you get passed that you probably won’t be injecting the quad very often.