Injection Sore as Hell

I started my first cycle Sunday night. 22ga 1 1/2" syringe filled with 500mg of test e. My friend who has injected many times did it for me. Alcohol on the injection site, clean in, clean out, no pain. Started to feel a little tender/sore about 30 mins later, and by today its damn sore, I have trouble sitting.

I can feel a lump prolly 3-4" long and a couple inches wide that seems like the juice is hanging out…but it’s my first time so I don’t know. He says the soreness is normal, especially for such a “large” injection. It’s QV 250 btw.

Is this normal?

YEAH, its normal. I remember how sore my first injection was…sitting down with dumbells to do dumbell bench presses…owwwww. you’ll get used to it.

They will not continue to be so bad. Your body is reacting to being violated for the first time. After a couple of times you likely will not feel them at all (at least with test-e)

You learn to love being violated :wink:

Use a bag of frozen peas and ice the area. Then pop a couple of anti-inflammatories. You’ll be right as rain.

Just wait till your first quad injection.

[quote]E-man wrote:
Just wait till your first quad injection. [/quote]

LOL. I never use my quads any more. I hate walking with a limp. I’d rather not be able to sit down than not be able to walk.

Try doing that with test suspension. you’ll feel like you’ve been stung in the ass by one of those huge mosquitos from the movie jumanji.