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Injection Sites...

Curious question here…where do you guys prefer to inject? I’ve been advised three times in turn that back of the shoulder, glutes, and quads are each the best site for injecting winny. Just wondering if you guys had any thoughts.


Winny can be painful for some guys, but not all. I would ignore the thighs and glutes for Winny injection sites. You either sit, stand, or walk all day long.

Personally speaking, I don’t have a problem with Winny, but stanozolol is an awesome chemical for site injections for smaller muscles. I usually hit 4 different smaller muscles with my Winny. I either poke my biceps, the medial head of my delt, or the two larger muscles of the three located in the tricep (that would be the long head and the lateral head). Good luck.

When in doubt of where to shoot, go to spotinjections.com