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injection sites


Wrote earlier today and not sure if my question went through or got lost in the great abyss so here goes again.
First off kudos to the guys who have kept this site up and the updated version looks GREAT. I haven't been on here in a few years and am just getting back. Like it so far.
OK, enough with the BS here is my question. Been hitting the tren ed and was trying to hit different inj. sites but getting kinda' ugly. Hit my delts the other day and 2 days after the inj. it looks like I was in a major car accident! Big ass purple/black bruise that runs from my side delt down my tri. Tried the other delt and voila' the same shit happened. I did use a 22 ga pin but only put it in 1/2 to 3/4". Put a full cc in each delt and massaged after ea. inj. for a full minute. Maybe I need a smaller ga pin and cut the dose in half? Any sugg. for other inj. sites besides my ass? Getting ready to stack with some test and need to keep that option open.
Thanks for the suggestions bro's.


are you sure its tren? is it home brew?


Use Insulin pins for injecting tren (providing your bodyfat is low enough). You can inject tren also in your (lay terms) quads, your side glutes, rear glutes, delts, and bicepts. These are the easy places to inject. Myself I tend to stay away from my upperbody as much as possible since I only train legs once a week and my legs are so huge that a litte insulin pin prick is not going to effect their performance anyway as it might my delts or my bicepts.
The bruising you are getting may also be caused because you have reduced clotting factors. Do you take aspirin, warfarin, heparin, or are you a hemophiliac?
Anyway stay as far away from those 22 gauge pins as possible. They are murder. I just keep one around to draw my stuff up with and that is it. P-22


that does not sound good. anytime you get red/purple streaking like that it is a warning. most often times it is an abcess and it could be spreading infection. go to a doctor immediately.


i use 25g 1/2". works nicely. are you getting plenty of rest at each site? i rotate between glutes, quads, bi's(inner and outer heads)and delts.


are you using a high mg per ml if so it can cause some soreness.i did the same thing with 400mg per ml in the delt with a 22 ga and i wont do that again.but since its tren i guess its not a high mg ml.


Man. My first reaction is I can't believe you're sticking a 22ga in your delt!

After you answer all the above questions, you might want to check your temperature. If it's high, take Dubs advice and see a doctor.


I about choked on my eggs when I heard someone was sticking a 22g pin in their delt. I have gotten the occasional bruise even with 25g pins, just wear a shirt with sleeves to the gym, nothing gives you away like a nice purple injection bruise.


Thanks for the replies. It is a home brew I make myself with the help of a kit. About 75mg/ml. I do alternate sites and will have to get some smaller pins. Did try the side of my quad with one of the 22ga and felt like a big charleyhorse.
Mmm, do love that tren taste though right after the inject.


Jeezus! Even a 22in gauge in the quad sounds bad! You are a masochist.


I've used a 23 in my traps, delts, bi's, tri's, glutes, and quads. It's not bad. But I think once I do my next cycle wich will require ed injections I'll pick up some 25's.


Sounds like 25's are the way to go. Hi ho, hi ho, off to CVS I go...


Just got some Organon Sustanon (Mexican) and they come in little ready to inject syringes. The fucking needles are 20g!!!!!!!

Ouch :frowning:


Aren't they 18ga? I know they used to be. Like sticking yourself with a pencil lead.


I used a 20 on my first injection with a frontload of of 1 gram IP sust 250 and 1 gram of EQ. "Jenni I am not a smart man."


creed, those are called redijects and i would simply transfer the sust to a barrel with leuver lock and attach a smaller pin. those are serious pain. not to mention you may want to cut the sust anyways.


Your going to have to go deeper 1" to 1 1/2". Its leaking back under the skin. Once you shoot in pause then come out half way then stop for a second then pull out. It will hurt for a while.