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Injection Sites + Slin Pins


Hey all
I've started using slin pins for all my sites except for glutes. Is it fine to pin a muscle group every 2nd pin (Currently EOD pins so it would mean say pinning delt on monday then again on friday) is that fine with slin pins in minimising scar tissue? or should i switch it up more often?

Current sites I've tried (So i will pin any of these, calves least preferred)
Quads, glutes, ventro glute, delts, triceps, calves, vastus medialis, side thigh (ITB area)


scar tissue build up is blown out of proportion i think but then again i have not been pinning for too long so who knows but i think you have plenty of sites. id stay away from calves.


Aight, cheers man. Yeah calves the two times i pinned them i used 1" 25g. I have slins now so who knows. Might be okay for 0.5ml


I pin my Traps and Inside of knee (tear drop). Calves are freaking no go for me they suck.


I havent tried traps, do you use a mirror or something to see when you aspirate? I did tear drop yesterday and its pretty damn tender (did 0.5 prop in each). Triceps today were so smooth and even training them felt great.


I don't aspirate.... Never have.... Probably should just never have.


Do site injections really promote more growth in the area of injection?


I have no idea to be honest. I have heard yes and I have heard no. With that I know my quads and traps are my two favorite and developed muscle groups lol. How ever my ass not so much. So maybe but I would say it is next to minimal if it at all.

How ever I do have a idiot friend who pins a .5ml of T400 in his biceps and short and long head of each tricep every Friday. That way by Sarurday night before he goes out to pick up girls they are def swollen up a good inch hahaha.


Theres nothing to prove it, but ive noticed a little bit. Some say when it swells up a bit it allows more blood flow etc. I pin quads a fair bit and my sweep is pretty neat nowadays..