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Injection Sites/Insulin Needles


Does any one do oil based injections daily using an insulin needle in to their stomach or leg, the same as you would take insulin, as i have been injecting into my arse for 20 years but heard some thing about people injecting small doses daily into their thigh or stomach using insulin pins?

AND when i have done my injections i squirt the syrindge at my hand and rub in any gear that may be left in the syringe, does that work?
weird questions i know but ones that need answering.
Thanks Mark UK


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Give it a try someday. My stuff at 2%BA 20% BB goes through a 25g (3ml syringe) at 1ml every 10 seconds if I squeeze moderately hard, though I do put it in water that was boiling 10 seconds ago. You can go up to a 29g-31g insulin needle if you'd like to. Just pull out the plunger, squirt in a ml, put the plunger back in and inject. Plenty of people do that if they have viscous gear.


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no worries mate i have been training 20 years now but i still learn some thing new every day it seems the more i learn the more complicated things get


Largely the size of barrel you use will determine what guage pin you can fit your stuff through.

Using a 3ml barrel I never have any trouble with a 25ga or even a 27ga.

Using a 5ml barrel I'm limited to 25ga and larger (unless I have all day but I find that the needle moves around so much that it's not worth it).

With a 1ml barrel like I use for tren i can shoot through a 30ga pretty easily without warming the oil up first. Although I can only get 30ga in 1/2" length and at my BF% that's a bit problematic so I'm forced to use a 27ga for the extra length.



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