Injection Site & Vaccines

Ok, so I have to get a vaccination for my job.

It’s Hep A vaccine,

Is it ok to get this vaccine (I do not know if it is oil based) in the same spot I have been injecting in within the last week?

I’d rather get the inject in the glute, because I hate delt shots with a passion.

Any opinions or experiences are welcome, thanks guys.

update, called the clinic and it is saline-based.


You wont feel it regardless of where it is. Tetanus shots hurt the most. The saline will dissapate rather quickly

[quote]kayveeay wrote:
the same spot I have been injecting in within the last week?

So, you’ve found a favorite spot to use…? That’s not good…

I have received one of those shots. Its minor. Relax and enjoy it. At tops it will be like someone punched you hard in the arm.

Time to man up and take it!

Hep vacines are good its like water.
if i remember right they were a series of injections not just one I had a series for hep B I remember that wouldnt think hep a would be much different.

I used to have allergy shots in my delts 2 times a week for years and they left knots and hurt man they sucked.

tetnus shots are a PITA
rabies on my goodness just hope you dont need a series of rabies shots

Yeah for the full immunisation, you need a full series of injects, IIRC it is weekly for 2 weeks, then more 3 months in - the last one is 6 months after the initial jab!

I had mine done - not for work though… Do you work in healthcare or the police?

(it is ridiculous to worry about such things BTW)