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Injection Site Swollen and Having Flu Like Symptoms

I did 1 1/2 cc of test e yesterday and today I had gotten pretty swollen lumpy and I feel feverish yet I don’t think I’m actually running a fever. Is this normal for a newbie maybe I did something wrong. I use sterile needles and I inject in the glute. I feel like if I had the flu but mild and clammy. Please help.

This is not normal at all. You may have received an infected batch of Test. Is the injection site area warm? Swollen? You may have contracted bird flu.

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It is swollen a little bit warm but I don’t know if it’s a bird flu I don’t think it is that extreme yet so test flu is not I thing I have heard some things

If I was you, I would not search for PIP or post injection pain on these forums. I am sure there is nothing to find there.


This is normal, you are getting an imflammation from the oil. I had this same problem a few times, it will pass, and you will adapt to the oil eventually. I react to Benzyl Alcohol(BA) and my ass got a frickin biceps for a week… But after one vial i dont have any sensation at all.

Thanks I wasn’t too sure because the last few days it has been swollen pretty big and at times I feel achy. I hope this stops happening soon. The redness has gone down a bit. It is hard to find people who can relate to this without being judged or mocked. I just want some factual information and google doesn’t really offer much advice. So thanks.

Yeah I know, people are either douches or they just dont know when it comes to these issues.

If you get an infection it will start 5-10 days after injection, high fever and really red and hot.

Getting a swelling that is tense to the touch a little warm and red is an inflammation. You can tell by squeezing the muscle, you’ll notice that its actually the muscle that’s swelling up, not pus. A swelling from infection should be soft and leave spots if you press on ot with your finger.

And you can train on the flue symptoms you have since it’s only a reaction to the inflammation, you do not have a virus.

Hop this cools you off.

I do not think you are a douche bag because you decided to give medical advice when you arent qualified. I do not think you are a douche bag because you wanted to spoon feed this guy information when there is already 100’s of threads on these forums addressing PIP and he was told where and how to locate it. I do not think you are a douche bag because you sit on your high horse. I do think you are a sensitive snowflake who should be wrapped up in bubble wrap to ensure his online ego isn’t bruised.


Well I kinda think the fact that about %60 of the medical information he gave is completely incorrect kinda makes him a douche bag. Just sayin


What is incorrect? I just 2 months ago went through this shit. What is incorrect? Tell me.

Again people comment with shit and wont contribute.

I care about people, not my own ego like yourself.

Actually an abcess starts to form as soon as the immune system starts to have a strong response toward the presence of foreign bacterial contained in (for whatever reason) unsterile oil from the injection.

How long it takes for the bacteria to bypass the immune systems first line/second of defence will differ from person to person, thus the idea of it taking 5-7 days for an abcess to form is extremely flawed. I’ve had MASSIVE inflammation develop from an injection site as soon as 12 hours post injection.

The inflammatory response is the bodies attempt at shielding other parts of the body from the spread of infection

  • foreign bacteria kills cells at injection site
  • proinflammatory cytokines released
  • inflammation draws leukocytes to area (white blood cells)
  • various cells surround abcess site, shielding body from further infection blablablabla healing blablabla

You get my drift.

So basically an abcess doesn’t take 5-7 days to form, it’s subjective based on the nature of the infection.

The scenario of which happened to you may not be the same scenario op is experiencing, not all individualisticly acquired medical pathology will. E exactly replicated among others

My advice is, if op feels like he has the flu, is achy, has a warm, raised, reddened injection site… See a doctor mate, it’s better to be safe than sorry

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I actually have been overreacting I think. I am very new to this so PIP is not something I’m used too. It went away a bit so the swelling has gone down. I believe I may have hit a vein or maybe didn’t go deep enough. Thanks for your time everyone.

Yea, my first few pins resulted in irritated injection sites too. Try massage the area post shot and put some heat on it, then alternate heat and ice, it’ll greatly reduce pip.

Eventually you get used to it and it no longer feels uncomfortable.

Hope everything works out for ya :slight_smile:

Yes sure, if you have a massive infection instantly you do get really ill very fast. But as the op explains a swelling, flu like symptomes and no real fever its not a strong reaction. Test-flu is pretty common and sure do resemble an infection…

And yes if the entire oil is spoiled you could get a really agressive infection very fast, but mostly its about getting som bacteria in it, and if thats the case it takes some time for it to activate mostly du to the slow ester… Now if there is fast acting ester it manifests faster.

And when getting that kind of infection you get high fever that dont subside.

Again your are spouting off complete bullshit plz stop.

The ester of the hormone your injecting isn’t going to determine one bit how fast an infection set in that is the most ridiculous thing iv ever heard.

Just stop it. He is a google Dr. We need him. He took so much time to evaluate his client then diagnose him. Thank god it wasnt a deadly infection and that numbnuts told him to do nothing.

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I think I have Ebola from reading all this.


Now you are catching on. It might be a case of Ligma.


update: that shit went away on its own. i just overeacted thats all. its my first time so yall should cut me a break.

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