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Injection Site Rotation


Ok so I have been doing a lot of research and have found a number of Injection sites and diagrams of the sites. My questions are, which sites would be best for a first cycle? How would a rotation work? How much play do you have in the actual site, if you are off an inch or so will it make a huge difference? I have watched multiple videos on how to do it, but would also like to hear from some vets who have been around the block. My cycle will consist of:

W1-4 Test Prop. 100mg/EOD W1, 75mg/EOD W2, 50mg/EOD W3, 25mg/EOD W4 (Front load)
W1-10 Test Enth. 100mg/E3D
W6-11 Var. 50mg/ED
W1-12 Adex .25mg/ED

PCT W13-16
Nolva 40/40/20/20

Also the preferred size of the injector used would help.


I like med delt ,v glute and dorsal glute. I use to use 23 ga 1 1/2 inch 3 cc pins but have since switched to 1 cc 29 ga 1"

I find these more accurate and painless.

Btw thanks for the suggestion bonez


Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it. It's hard to find people who are willing to educate others about this subject.


I use a 25g 1 inch pin for thigh injections and a 1.5 inch pin for ventro gluteal and dorso gluteal injections. I use prop/tren both at 100mg per ml. If I'm shooting every day I'll mix 1cc each for a 2ml shot ED. If I'm doing an EOD cycle then I'll mix 1.5ml each for a 3cc shot EOD.

As for being off an inch or so, I have never had that problem. Sometimes I'll pinch the exact spot I want to hit so it leaves a red mark. Then after I swab it with alcohol and it dries I know exactly where I want to hit.


For 2 injections per week I find that 4 sites is fine when the volume is 1ml or less. I try to never go over 1ml in a site. Makes things much more comfortable. Id rather inject more often at low concetrations than inject large volumes.

6 sites is better, no doubt. First response is what I would have said.


I use four sites...left/right vastus lateralis, and left/right glute. Might try delts for a while but four sites has worked for me so far. Also agree with Bonez on sticking to 1cc per shot. Injection volume has a lot to do with soreness in my experience.


In my experience soreness is usually the result of high BA content, not injection volume. I've shot 1cc of T-400 many times and could barely walk or sit for a few days, but when I shoot 3cc's of my own brew no problems at all. I keep it at 2% BA max.