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Injection Site Really Hurts

I injected 10 milligrams of roids on the weekend, it still hurts.

What kind of syringe is that? a horse neede? lol!

and 10 milligrams sounds off - are you sure it wasn’t 10 mL?.. That would explain why it hurts.

Yeah I meant 10 MiliLITRES… :slight_smile: Just a funny pic i saw thought i’d post

10ml? That’s a LOT of gear for one injection! Are you sure? Standard shots usually are 3cc or less. You’re almost 4 times over what I know is the usual max amount so I cant help you…

Do you guys really not realize hes kidding?

[quote]Nole wrote:
Do you guys really not realize hes kidding?[/quote]

Yeah…whens the penny gonna drop lads its a joke.
Funny pic dude.

Pretty lame joke… IMO.