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Injection Site Problem

Ok so I inject on my thighs and have been doing it for over 2 years on TRT. I recently had trouble injecting at that site. No pain no swelling or an issues like that. The issue is now that I try to inject in that site like I just can’t. I pin myself then when I try to push the fluid nothing it’s just stuck like won’t go in. I have to inject on my other thigh only now with no issues. Before I would alternate from one thigh to the other but now can’t. Nothing has change same gear same gauge injection everything the same. Any one have this issue before or knows why?

Scar tissue is my guess. You should try delts with a 25 gauge 1/2" pin

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i have the same issues with delts and pecs …if i pull t out a little the oil then injects ?? is it scar tissue ??

How would I tell if it’s scar tissue?

It feels like you’re trying to inject into polystyrene, rather than muscle that yields to the needle.
Like Stud says use a smaller gauge needle in a fresh site it won’t cause as much scarring.
Rotate the sites as much as possible.