Injection Site Pain

Just wondering what some of you guys have found works to help alleviate some of the Charlie Horse-like pain that occurs at injection sites.

Currently I’m injecting 0.7ml of 100mg/ml tren ace ED. Right now I’m just rotating through 4 sites: quads and glutes. I’m a little wary of injecting in other areas (upper body) since I don’t have as much mass in those areas that I would be comfortable injecting into. I could just imagine the feeling of the needle rubbing on bone. I’ve never had it happen but it makes me shudder whenever I think about it.

Anyways, do you guys find warm compression or cold compression works best? I’m assuming cold since its a result of inflammation. But then again its possible heat would be better since it may help dissipate the mass of sesame oil you’ve just inected into your body.

I’ve heard adding vitamin B6 to the solution helps to keep the pain down.

Lets hear what works for everybody.

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it’s probably the BA in the tren. Is it home brew? If it is, you can cut it with b12 or sterile sesame seed oil.