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Injection Site Pain


I've read the injection pain sticky a shit load of times in the past 2 days but im still freaking out.

I injected Monday around 11.30 AM and almost 5-10 minutes the site was a bit sore. The site is still sore and seems to have spread a little bit. Its also a little swollen but no redness at all. I went to the ER last night and they said if i was going into septic shock i wouldnt have been able to move so that was a relief. She said she didnt think it was an infection but that to much volume was injected to the area. What do you guys think?


It is Wednesday! You are a newb to injectons! Why did you go to the ER?!

Oil depots can be very painful for a number of reasons.. 2 of the most common but totally harmless are the stretching of the tissue surrounding the depot, and an inferior product with too much BA in it... a beginner may well feel heightened pain from a regular amount of BA due to never having it injected before. It can kick like a mule.

Newbs to oil injects are going to get much more pain than someone who is used to it. Volume of oil is a large factor, i wouldnt advise a beginner to inject more than 1ml in a large muscle at a time personally.

A word of advice, if after 7-10 days your pain has not subsided and there is an increasingly reddening and firmness to the area around the injection - it is likely an abscess... then you go to a PCP(GP) and they will likely prescribe antibiotics.

Septic shock? It seems you scared yourself with that sticky a bit huh..?



Haha yeah that sticky made my mind play tricks on me. Hurts like a bitch though, literally like a mule kicked me but thank you for clearing that up. Hopefully the soreness is how my legs get, not too bad the first day then sore as shit the second and subsides from there.


what did you inject ?

how much ?


"the site was a bit sore". no offense, but what the fuck do you expect?

im on my first cycle right now, and i can tell you that if injections are going to cause this much worry for you, its gonna be a long ass 8 (or how ever many) weeks for you.

before a cycle starts and your reading info on here it comes across like cycles are perfectly coordinated and everything goes perfectly. but when you actually start shooting, especially if your a rookie, little things are going to happen that you didnt plan for or dont understand. your gonna get some pain, maybe some swelling, some shots might get red. shit on one injection it swelled up like a red golfball for 2 days. some injects will bleed, some will be perfect. some will hurt, others wont. you might hit a nerve, your muscles might spasm. when i shoot in my delts i get a sore little knot where my bicep ties into my delt (no where near the injection site) and it hurts for 2 days. wierd shit. hell my friend has had a needle completely shoot out of his leg and ive heard of blood shooting 10 feet across a room.

does this mean your gonna die or that you need to rush to the er?? fuck no. if you admitted to gear use that shit can be used against you when you try to get insurance in the future. dont let anybody tell you otherwise, ive seen this happen in real life. pain and swelling - its just a part of the game and you gotta be willing to accept it. if your gonna go to the er over some pain or a little lump, my advice is to stop shooting and save yourself time and your sanity.


If you are shooting in the correct mapped sites you wont be hitting any major nerves that will cause any major problem other than a slight twitch/spasm

This is common, and a small spasm/twitching is simply small nerves being touched/hit and is nothing to worry about, i usually only get small twitches in the delt, bicep and very occasionally the quad - a large spasm is indicative of the wrong area of injection

This could well be using a needle that is too short or too long, where the depot is either being shot through the (relatively small) medial head of the delt and moves down INTER-muscularly, even a 1" pin could be too long if the area of inject isnt in the thickest part of a slim build - or it is a subcutaneous injection.. i have heard of lads going into the muscle at a 0 or 180 degree angle rather than a 90 degree angle a couple of times, through ignorance sadly, not desire.

This is where the needle has entered a main artery and the pressure has been so great the needle is forced straight out of the leg. This again shouldnt ever happen if the regular mapped out sites are used correctly. Of course, no one has the same map of vessels, but all main veins and arteries and nerves all follow the same basic plan - the mapped sites avoid these. For example the sciatic nerve runs nearer the crack of the arse and is why we inject in the upper outer quadrant of the glute, and we all know where the carotid artery is.

I agree with this, if one cannot bear to inject without a panic attack following, then maybe this isnt the way to go -*99% of steroid users dont continue their use and lose all their gains anyway - do you really want this? Bodybuilding with assistment i mean, do you NEED to use AAS to achieve your goals, are the downsides worth the upsides?

*(Yes, i made up that percentile ;D)



General advise for the rest of your cycle -- You've got to take it easy, accept that there are risks to doing this, and not freak out if something a bit weird happens. I mean, if you're really badly in pain, by all means, go to the ER. But if things just seem a little weird, calm down and wait a few days to see if things don't get worse.

There's no doctor supervision with these things, so if you're going to undertake illicit activity, you've got to trust in your body to heal itself. At least that's what I tell myself. Good luck.