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Injection Site Pain


I started a cycle 5 days ago and Im experiencing injection site pain. The symptoms I have are not on prisoners thread, so I'm asking you.

The cycle plan was 50ml of win over 6wks. Taking 1cc every other day alternating right glute, then left right quad then left.

Day 1 I took the first shot in right glute.

Day 2 I started feeling a fair amount of soreness but, I heard this was common with win and didn't think much of it.

Day 3 Time for my second shot, Im still feeling pretty sore but hard headedly I take my next shot, left glute.

Day 4 My right sides still sore no redness or swelling but just the whole muscle is sore to the touch. My left side at the new injection sight is bruised and a slight welp has formed.

Day 5 is hear and I don't know what to think. still the same symptoms. Im definitly not going to do another shot until I fig. out whats going on. No redness or swelling on the right just soreness and a welp and little bruise on the right.

Maybe the win has too much BA? Am I injecting too fast into the muscle? just bad stuff? I don't beleive it is infection because I go to great lengths to stay sterile and clean. New needles, Alcohol, ect. I wanted to turn to the brothers before seeking medical attention. Any help is appreciated.


You're lucky. Now you have a solid excuse to completely abandon the poorly laid out plan of injecting 1ml of winstrol EOD.


Include another couple sites for injections. Let the others heal up.


Winstrol is pretty notorious for being a painful injection...it will be worse if you are not rotating sites properly.

Winstrol only is a bad cycle imo..


I would not touch winny even if it was given free with a $50 mail-in rebate after seeing the stuff at its source.


This doesn't sound like anything bad, but just in case:

Read the injection sticky and have some 18ga needles on hand in case something goes wrong.


So you think it's ok. Ill hit maybe both quads and both delts until the glutes heal. what do you think?


I think you're in for a world of pain....


Damn that doesn't sound good.


Can u take the injectable solution orally maybe?


If you don't want to inject it, find yourself a source for orals.


You can drink water based winstrol. I don't know if you can drink oil based winstrol (a pretty rare preparation I think) but I'd assume you can.


Winstrol is 17-AA whether in oil or water.. injected or drank it is hepatoxic and passes the liver twice.

Drink it instead.. you will get no lesser effect.

Your cycle is shite BTW and 25mg/day is a pointless waste of time, money and it seems.. your health.


Help more like..

Do you mean abscess?

What are your goals?
From your avatar you look fairly well muscled, so you are cutting right? Aaand you think winstrol will do what?
Take the fat off as such a potent androgen?
Retain all the hard earned muscle you built all by itself as such a powerful anabolic on a restricted diet?

Cause i know for sure you damn well aint bulking!



make sure that the fluid for injection is not cold, dont heat it but hold in your hands to warm it up to body temp. winstrol is notorius, as mentioned above for injection site pain. double check to make sure you don't have a pitting edema, follow the sticky on injections. go slow when injecting there is no rush. remember to be clean and inject properly so you dont get an infection. You are correct that it could be a bad batch. Benzyl Alcohol hurts like a bitch.