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Injection Site Pain. Trying to Improve

I"m on Week 6 - and injection #6 of 100mg Test Cyp. I’ts actually .5ml of 200mg - the small vials that come in the 1ml size.

My very first injection - supervised by the nurse - went very well. NO pain at all - even afterwards.

My next 5 injections have all had some varying amounts of pain - either durning the actual injection or - hours / days afterwards. I am getting better at it (I did hit a nerve once and tweaked my entire leg).

Today’s injection was easy. Found a good spot on my quad. Quick poke, aspirate, and slowly press the plunger. No pain…until about an hour later, and now it hurts - not bad, but not at all like my very first injection.

I’m using a 23 gauge 1.5" needle to inject. Drawing with an 18g. My doc didn’t like the idea of using 1" needles or anything smaller than 23g.

I’m looking for any advice/tips etc… to lessen the after injection pain.

1.5 is a big needle that is going to hit deep. My reading tells me that inter muscular injections as protocol was to slow down the release of large dose of testosterone in the body. This comes at a price; you cannot stab 1.5 inches deep in the muscle without causing muscle damage but because the protocol was for once month injects this was not so bad. The problem with this once month large doses causes a big swing in blood levels.

I inject 3 times a week so this does not work for me. I use a .5 inches with 29 gage. I don’t use a different needle to with draw. It just takes a minute or two to withdraw with a smaller needle. I would always make a mess with the transfer using two needles. I inject in side of my quads or my deltoids and rotate for each injection. I find that stabbing hurts less when I go in an angle of about 60 degrees. When I inject in my quads I use one hand pull the skin tight by using my thumb and index figure.

You definitely need to go to a MAX of 1 inch needle (unless you are super-morbidly-obese). I use 18g to draw from the vial and a 25g 1" needle to get it in my leg. Occasionally I’ll hit a nerve and get the tweakiness you describe, but shorting the needle to 1" and going up to 25g will make your leg happier. For the first month of TRT I used 23g; When I found out the 25 works just as good with way less pain, I made the switch.

I use a 29/30 gauge insulin pin. 0.5 mL barrel, half inch needle. Talk your doctor into letting you use this method–it works and it very easy. Almost no risk of hitting a blood vessel or nerve and you can inject quickly and easily into the deltoids.

Also, talk them into getting you an actual BOTTLE of test–those 1 mL ampules are for the birds.

During my initial “injection” training with the nurse I brought up using insulin pins and shorter needles - She was very insistent on using nothing less than 1.25" and 23g.

I think I’ll just order some 25g 1" and try it a few times.

Also - my original prescription was for a big bottle of 100mg test cyp - but the manufacturer is OUT and the 1ml 200mg was the only thing the pharmacy could get - Walgreens.

Oh yeah - and my leg still freakin hurts right now 36 hours after injection - enough to walk with a slight limp after sitting at a desk for a while.

Then you should be “very insistent” that she is a moron and doesnt have a clue what she is talking about. They work fine and avoid every single issue you have mentioned.

Thanks - I just ordered up some 25g 1" from Allegro. I give them a shot next week and see how much of a difference they will make.

Hey VT, is it okay to inject 25g 1" in the delts? I’ve heard that injecting T anywhere but thigh and glutes “burned” or something (perhaps it was a different T product that I read this about). I’m not switching to the insulin syringes - I can’t seem to get them to draw, probably because I’m impatient.

But in general, is 25g 1" Test-C for delts okay? I think my quads could use a break. I don’t do glutes because, well, they’re behind me and I don’t trust my aim. Also I’ve never shot up there, but I have injected b12 into my delts before and that’s gone fine.

Maybe we need to do an IM sticky since the protocol sticky covers SQ injecting, and not IM. Assuming there’s more sites than delts, quads, and glutes. Can’t imagine anywhere else…

By the way - just got back my latest results

541 total 12.7 free

have you considered injecting 2x week? and mabe higher gauge than 25g? see how it goes first with the 25g.

me i use 27g 1 inch with no pain what so ever. i do my shoulders mabe once a week or 2 every 6 weeks.

works for me quite well as well i use the 25 gauge 5/8