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Injection Site Lump, Bump/Oil Bubble

I injected (200 mg prop) into my left vento gluteal this morning. Shot went excellent, warm oil, after shower. Oil went in smooth and easily.

After my training I noticed that there is a lump over the injection site. It is a few inches in diameter and sticks out about half inch or so. I have read about this before, and was not too worried. No burning sensation, just the normal prop pain. I have used this same gear before without this problem.

However, now, looking at the site, about 1-2 inches below the injection site there is a type of bubble. It looks like a mosquito bite and is about an inch in diameter. anyone know what this could be or what to do about it. I was thinking it is some type of oil bubble, but is that possible, and what can I do about it?

Thanks for the help

Sounds like you didn’t go deep enough or you missed something and the oil leaked out under your skin. That mosquito bite is probably the oil pooled up. You could aspirate it with a syringe.

Make sure to use at least a 1 1/4" needle. I used a 1" needle and happened to me almost always. Would usually settle down by the time of the next shot, next week, I used Enanthate.

I used a 1 1/2 inch 25 gauge needle, it was all the way in for the whole injection. Is it a good idea to aspirate it, or can I just let it go away by itself?