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Injection Site Infections


Hello all, those who know me or who have read my profile, know me to be a self-proclaimed "guinea pig" of sorts. That fact is precisely what brings us here. You see, I am writing this post in a heavily drug induced stupor. Right at this very moment I am lying in a nice comfortable hospital bed! That is correct,hospital bed. I, after years of aas use began getting complacent in regards to injections, injection protocol and mostly, injection site prep and cleanliness.

I have eight rather large slobbering dogs ranging in size from 100 to 206 lbs and they frequently are present while I'm injecting. well apparently not using an alcohol prep pad prior to injecting in a non-sterile environment is not such a grand idea!
In my old man, long winded manner I am getting to the point: "Mercer Staph Infection" and cellulitis! I've been in the hospital since Easter morning with a calf muscle that is slightly larger than my very large thigh, body aches, migraine headache AND 102.3 degree fever.

Tomorrow morning at approximately 7 am they are going to operate to remove a large abscess, any collecting fluid, and however much of my hard earned calf muscle that has been destroyed! After the surgery they will either partially close the incision and leave a drain in the opening or leave the entire incision open and packed with gauze, depending on what the surgeon sees once he gets inside! I may also need home care afterwards to administer continuos IV antibiotics. Feel free to bitch me out, but to be honest I won't really give a shit! I know I screwed up and am paying a far greater price for it than being "flamed" for it. My intent, as always, is to help others. Yes, I fucked up, but it's too late to fix that. Let's help others from EVER having to experience this.

Every word I have written here is true, I am in immense amounts of pain, indescribable actually. PLEASE read these words and never let this happen to you. Never get complacent, this is serious shit. Alcohol wipes are cheap as hell and it takes seconds to use them. Never reuse needles the savings aren't worth losing part of your leg or worse yet, life over! Let me be a lesson to you, I love most of you guys and would never wish this on you.


Was it you who also wrote about a mishap with insulin reminding everyone to be careful?

I'm not criticising, just curious. Thanks for this, though. It's easy to get complacent with anything.

Heal up soon, man!


Read your post with your cycle a couple of weeks ago, I was hoping that you would come back with "Gone up 30lbs in 3 weeks.".

Good luck with your surgery, shit happens!


That realy sucks. But thanks for the reminder, you might just be saving someone some heart ache. Good on'ya brotha, get well.