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Hello, yesterday I injected 1ml of Test into my thigh, when I injected I had a muscle spasm I pulled out and injected in a different area but I started bleeding a little bit.

Did all the oil go in? Did I inject in the right place? It was a 23g needel


There are a lot of nerves in the quads. Sometimes they get hit and cause a jolt or muscle spasm. It’s not a big deal. I just keep injecting and don’t have any issues. I don’t pull out and pin again unless there is blood when I aspirate the needle. Don’t worry about blood… That happens when a needle goes into the body. It’s not a big deal. Is this your first cycle? Or at least your first time pinning the quads? I use insulin syringes and their tiny ass needles to pin the quads and they work great.


Yes this is my first cycle and first time pinning. So would you suggest I backload the oil into a insulin syringe?


No offense but you have small legs.


No need for that. Just let the spasm happen, it will only be a sec, then continue to inject and push the plunger. Its uncomfortable but not serious. Do you have a significant other to help you inject in your glutes?


Lol lost about 30kg, I’ve been on antipsychotics for about half a year now. I know that is causing this.


Ok that’s great
Yes I do but she doesn’t like needles


Nice my buddy was just put on some antipsychotics after a snap, during a pretty heavy nandrolone based cycle none the less, and he’s lost about 15lbs already.


You can also inject much higher on your leg. there is less pain and less blood vessels. Up near the the intersection of your thigh and hip.


how did u pin? from top or from the side? from the side will hurt more also try using a smaller needle 25-27 i pin from the top and no pain.

EDIT: Additionally, before pinning do the following, stretch leg out and flex as hard as possible, locate outside muscle and pin from the top part, i have bled a few times it doesnt matter just make sure you massage area after pinning so test can spread out make sure to relax yourself before too…


I pinned from the top. Is a insulin syringe ok to pin with in the quad? I’m quite lean


Are you trying to go SubQ or IM? Being lean is an advantage to IM injections. My legs are damn near fat free and I pin with a 1" 23 guage needle with no problems.

If you are trying to do SubQ, then why not try the stomach or love handle areas?


IM mate. I have little fat on my stomach but I don’t feel comfortable shooting it there. I’m gonna get a nurse to do my next shot tomorrow in my quads but after that I’m gonna shot in my delts


Oh btw I’m 5ft4 do you think I need 500mg of test a week or is that more than enough for my size?


You cant IM with an insulin syringe. You’ll just cause problems. That oil needs to get into the muscle fibers and creates a pocket until it is absorbed. Can’t do that with a insulin syringe.

A nurse will likely want to do it in your glutes. Delt shots can be tricky to push the plunger in by yourself and if you dont have a lot of muscle mass (which seems to be the case based on your body weight) you cant inject alot of oil there.

500mg/ week can be alot, it will definitely shut down your natural production. Do you have an anti estrogen availalbe? Do you have a PCT plan?


I see. Nurse is my cousin so I told her I’ll have it in the quads. Yes I have aromasin on had if any estrogen problems come up. 6.25 e3d or 12.5 to start of with.

PCT: nolvadex at 40/40/20/20
clomid at 90/60/60/30