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Injection Site: Hard Lump and Itches Like Crazy

Just want to know if this is normal or not. I have been experiencing what I think is normal pip and small lumps after an injection… this last one I felt the needle piece something tough as I was pushing it in with small pain which disappeared once I went in a little deeper. (Like hard layer over muscle)… and then did injection like normal in glute. Now two days later it’s itching like crazy like it’s a rash inside my glute and it’s swollen. The more I itch the more swollen and hot it gets. Not painful past feeling like a injection lump. Is this just an allergic reaction to carrier oil or what happened?

Without knowing where precisely this injection occurred I’m going to assume you may have it some scar tissue. Have you considered some antihistamine for the itch.

Oh, and stop scratching it dufus!

Injected in the Dorsogluteal area.

And I knooooow, but it feels like a mutant mesquite but me on the ass haha… I didn’t realize how bad itching it was till after the fact lol.

Arent you the same dude that just posted about using Tren and you are complaining about PiP?

You said, I know everyone thinks it is a dumb idea but I am doing it anyways. You may not think it is relevant but it shows the inexperience.

I experienced a bit of that. Did you rush your injection? Pretty sure this happened when I rushed, didn’t quite get all the air bubbles out and maybe moved the pin around a bit when injecting. It did clear up pretty quick for me.

I usually take like 3 minutes for an injection. I think I popped a cyst that formed from a previous injection as it felt like I pierced something tough I remember and hurt for a second when I injected that night.

Still itches like crazy. Been using calamine lotion. Lump is getting smaller and can feel two separate lumps now. Itch/swollen to touch radius is about 2 inches…

Really hoping it’s not an infection. Doesn’t hurt… just itches and swollen feeling under skin… none of my other injection sites had this issue

Pip I get… I don’t care about some pip, I just hadn’t read about this being a pip thing before. If ur saying it’s normal and just some kind of pip type thing I’d be happy to hear it.

Ya bro its normal. Just pip. More tren will help it