Injection Site Frequency

Hey, I have a question on the frequency on injection site. I was talking to my brother about a cycle for him, and we were discussing Test Prop. He really likes it, but he doesn’t like to get hit in the legs/ass area, so he usually gets hit in the delts. I explained that Prop needs to be shot EOD at most, and he asked me if he could shoot in the delts(alternating of course) each time. I told him that much frequency could lead to scar tissue, etc, but he asked if it really would be that bad.

Anyways, the point of that was, is it bad for him to shoot in the delts only? basically, every delt would get hit every 4 days. I know you should alternate, but as stated above, if he can’t just hit the delts, he won’t do the Prop. Thanks guys.

T.Prop has a pain side effects that can give trouble if site aren’t well rotated.

It is possible to rotate only on delts, but you have to consider quantity and pain tollerance

If he only plans to inject only delts then prop @ EOD is not the correct choice.

I personally prefer delt shots as well, however the odd shot in the quads really isnt a big deal.

When you said shoot prop eod at most I think you meant at minimum. ED would be preferred but eod will work. Rotate shoulders with quads and use a higher gauge pin (25g). This should cut down on the scar tissue.

2thepain: Yea, I always mix it up- I meant the longest EOD, if not ED.

I told him to do his quads, but he says he’s “ticklish” and that’s a direct quote. Sounds like a panzy, which is funny considering how big he is you’d never expect it.

Anyways, so is Prop then out of the picture? Should he just use a longer ester?

With cyp or enathate you are only looking at 2X/wk injection or E3D. Sounds like something much more suited for this ticklish fella.

However the sensation of sticking an inch and a half needle into my quads has never felt very ticklish to me.

How many injection sites has he tried. Tell him to give the ventro and tri’s a try if he hasn’t already, I have found both to be the most painless.

Tell your brother to wait a few years before he starts a cycle.

In the meantime, he can wait for his balls to drop and his pussy to vanish.

Contrl: I told him he was a pussy :slight_smile:

Dean: He’s done a Deca/Test E cycle with me a while back. He only did his delts though.

I guess he could try the tri’s.

LilGuy: I don’t mind my quads. That’s where I usually do it. I told him he’d hafta do test e or cyp if he didnt stop being a bitch.

It’s a shame for him to have to wait. But, hopefully I can convince him to try the ventro’s or something. Thanks guys.