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Injection Site Frequency

Whats up guys, been a while since i’ve posted or responded due to my job but hope all is well and everyone is good.

Anyway, to the question at hand… in regards to injection site frequency what would be the most amount and most common frequency when it comes to your glutes? I am not a big fan of legs or shoulders and my glutes have always been on the small/weak side.

How much oil and how often do you think i can inject without causing any long term problems?
For those of you about to ask why not the quads or shoulders, it is due to the fact that they are much more noticeable, especially if there is a flare up or any other injection problem. I’m sure some of you have the same problem? Thanks for the help!

I can put up to 3ml in each glute. I also can inject each side 2x a week. I think the size of the muscle as well as your response to the oil is the determining factor. For example I would never put 3ml of prop into my shoulder.

i havent done more then once a week per side but i have talked to people that shoot daily in the glutes. not sure thats such a good idea. Also theres glutes and then ventro glutes so thas 4 sites right there.

I notice most people do each site once in 7 days

I personally only have 4 sites and I do that every day so its like 2 times a week

thats my delts and tris.
I put 1ml of oil in each site and no problems here.
but ya it depends on how you hanlde the oil.

like I put 3ml of prop in my tricep,ya it was a little sore but no long term problems.

also depends on what gauge pin you use.smaller pins,less damage obviously

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Thanks for all the quick responses. Just to add to the thread, my upcoming cycle will consist of adding tren which will be injected eod @ 1mg, deca approx 2mg e5d along with the usual base of tes 2mg e3d, alternating glutes. This is why i was asking if the glutes could handle those amounts?