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Injection Site for Self Administration


Hi All,

I have seen myriad videos of self administration of IM Test injections but still would request the veterans to confirm few things and answer some queries:

1) Should I insert the needle completely in the glute? - some recommend not to do that in case the needle breaks up so one won't be able to get it out

2) What if I hit the vein? -
a. How far back should I aspirate to be sure that there is no blood in the injection vial and I havenâ??t hit the vein as the vein injection is fatal !!
b. When I push back and there is no blood in the syringe so would there be bubbles instead of blood then? I mean if I see bubbles when pulling back, it is safe to inject , right?
c. If I do hit the vein, then I should take out the needle and then use a new needle and start over again?

3) Ampule instead of a vial of Test
a. I have a 250 mg/ml Test E ampule and not a vial, so I need to aspirate air into it while withdrawing the test (since it is a viscous solution, they advise aspirating air into a vial but not sure whether i should do that for an ampule as well)
b. Do I need a 'filter needle' to withdraw from an ampule. Is that a special / different kind of a needle from the one used to withdraw from a vial? If yes, then what gauge should it be?
c. Can I use cotton or towel to break the neck of the ampule?
d. I will inject 500 mg at once per week, so should I break both the ampules one at a time and use the same needle to withdraw the medicine?

4) Should the needle for injecting be 23 gauge (1.5 inch) or 25 gauge(1.5 inch)?

5) Should I flex the gluteus muscle while pinning or leave it relaxed?

6) Should I stretch the skin during pinning?

7) Since, I will inject two 250mg/ml Test E ampules, I need a 3 ML syringe to make room for both air (while aspiration) and the medicine?

8) Injection site - I have chosen the dorsogluteal site and have tried to pin-point it in the pictures attached here. (the spot is where the finger points inline with the butt crack). Please validate whether the site is accurate..

Thanks a lot in advance..






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