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Injection Site Choice as Powetlifter


On my first cycle doing 250mg test C E3D, been pinning glutes.

My problem is that it gets really sore for 3 or 4 days after pinning.

I can still work them out but I can’t fully activate them which is really not good for high intensity squats/deadlifts. I would estimate I’ve losever 20% maximal weight because of this.

Where can I switch to pinning?
Quads is the obvious second choice but I worry this would cause the same issue.

What about Delts?
I’ve also heard lats can work?


You can pin into any muscle.

You will get PIP in any muscle.

I have cycled for years; my first cycle I could hardly sit in a car seat after my first few jabs… Now years down the line I still get the odd bit if soreness here and there, even just from 1ml of pharma Test E…

Your body can get used to it and the pain can start to be less each cycle. Virgin muscles will most often really hurt and fast acting esters tend to be even worse!

My favourite is quads, no shaking, very easy and smooth, plenty of movement in the musle to get things absorbing and you can pin the quads all day long with slight adjustments to where you pin. Massage the area after pinning and man the fuck up.


slin pin in the delts


Hey man,

I’m on my first cycle too and I feel your pain. I tried my quad and it was a bad idea! Ha the actual jab was completely pain free but two days later I could hardly walk. I can’t comment on delts.

My advice would be to keep jabbing glutes but just get on some ibuprofen and paracetamol before you train to help with the pain.