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Injection Schedule

Starting my EQ/test/dbol stack today, heres how I plan on laying out my injection schedule. Any critiques/comments appreciated:

200mg/ml EQ
200mg/ml Test Enan

Week 1:
Sun: 2.5ml Test (500mg)
Mon: 2.0ml EQ (400mg)
Wed: 2.5ml Test (500mg)
Thurs: 2.0ml EQ (400mg)

Week 2-8:
Sun: 1.25ml Test (250mg)
Mon: 1.00ml EQ (200mg)
Wed: 1.25ml Test (250mg)
Thurs: 1.00ml EQ (200mg)

I was also wondering since it would be easier if i could just do both shots on the same day following the Sun/Wed schedule.

thanks for the help