Injection reaction / Scrotal Cream

I’ve recently started getting golfball size painful welts at my injection sites with test cyp. and can last a week or two. My doc had my on enclomyphene for 3 months to see if that would boost natural production, but I only got up to 300ng/dl with that (I tend to sit at 90-120ng/dl with out treatment.) After that my doc put me on a compounded version with grape-seed oil instead of the usual cottonseed, but I’m reacting to that also.

I would like to try the scrotal cream I’ve heard about, but not sure a reputable source and relatively affordable option. With standard T, I can get that for $20 per 3 month supply via my insurance, so I know it’s going to be more but am on a budget.

Where are you injecting and SQ or IM?

Are you using alcohol wipes to disinfect injection sites?

Having this reaction to two types of carrier oils, if you’re injecting cleanly, it’s unlikely an allergic reaction, it’s most likely the alcohol based preservatives causing these welts.

You can request the newer oral testosterone undecanoate, Jatenzo/Orlando/Kyzatrex options you may not be aware.

You can get your doctor to write you a "medical exception’ to get insurance to pay for it. This is what I did to get Jatenzo covered by insurance.

I’ve done injections to quad, and ventrogluteal and abdominal subq all with the same result.

I’m going to ask my doc about the new oral option, just looking at the cost though on GoodRx and it looks crazy expensive. My deductible for name brand is $2000 so it may be a “hard pill to swallow.” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, does the oral option do a good job of gettin to the 800 ng/dl level? I tend to feel better at that point (and amazing at 1200 but the docs seem to panic at that level.)

Peak levels are 988 ng/dL, midpoint 489 ng/dL and trough 289 ng/dL. There’s no reason why you can’t aim for a higher midpoint to top end of the ranges.

That’s very common, doctors automatically think testosterone above range is dangerous without any evidence.


Despite widespread concerns, these findings suggest that although patients treated to achieve supraphysiologic testosterone levels had a higher incidence of polycythemia, there were no significant differences in the rates of other adverse events after TRT between patients treated to attain physiological versus supraphysiologic testosterone levels.

Ask to change your script to hikma testosterone enanthate. You’re probably reacting to the benzyl excipients – hikma enanthate has none.

Just an update. I asked my primary care doctor about Jatenzo, but he said he wouldn’t prescribe something he’s never heard of before. He ended up giving me a referral to a urologist instead of doing some research. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get an appointment until the end of May so I’m still waiting.

To balance out the painful welts and the feeling crappy from the low-t, I’ve been injecting 1ml of 200mg/ml subq in 2 week intervals. Hopefully come the end of May I can be back to a consistent level with a new prescription. Hopefully the urologist is a bit more informed and willing to research if needed. I’m not feeling too optimistic about that though.

The recommended starting dosage Jatenzo is 237 mg twice daily.

Yeah, it blew my mind that he wouldn’t at least do some investigation on the matter. I don’t expect a doctor to be a walking encyclopedia of every medication available. But I do expect some due diligence in getting patients the proper treatment without ridiculous hoops to jump through. From my quick checking the Jatenzo website has a good deal of information on dosing and to be sure to have bloodwork done at the 30 day mark to see if adjustments are needed.

For anyone else looking to go this route, they also have a discount card option if your insurance is at least covering a bit of it (at least for USA residents).

Jatenzo reaches steady states in 7 days not 30 days.