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Injection Questions?


I do agree that too many people have "first cycle" questions. It seems that most are much more interested in the compounds and not how to use them correctly. I only have a few cycle under my belt and without the help of many friends would have been lost as far as injections.

I was hoping someone with more knowledge and experiance could go through the how and where for common injections. (Say 300mg Test every 3 days, or 150mg Tren E every three days) The kind of things I am most curious about are; injecting yourself vs. getting help, is there always a need for multiple injection sites, how crucial is the size of needles, ect.

Thanks for any help. This will be beneficially for my and many others I am sure.


Why don't you post what you have learned and believe to be accurate and proper based on the few cycles under your belt and we can redact and edit as necessary? I'm most curious to see what you have done and learned in those few cycles.


Of course, I can for sure add what I have learned...although I have always had a friend do my injections for me. All three of my past cycle were involving Test and Dbol. (The next time I will be adding in Tren E.)

I have always done my test injections once every three days (250-350mg each injection). Rotating injection sites only from the right to left glutes. (Targeting on the top right of my right cheek and top left of the left.) I have always used the same needles which are 21G 1-1/2inch (same meaning same size, not same every time haha). I was told by a friend that these are a good size for most substances except for Winy. I know that when using water based substances you must be much slower injecting or you can run into problems. As far as the injection itself, I know it is important to both go deep into the muscle to avoid more nerves and to make sure you are putting the needle in straight. Also, my friend always pulls out gently on the syringe to check for blood before injecting. He does this because injecting an oil based substance especially into a vein can be very dangerous.

I am almost embarrassed with my own lack of knowledge on the topic. I will be starting another cycle in a few weeks where I will administer all injections myself and am trying to learn as much as possible now.

Thanks guys, one of my first posts ever on the forum so not completely sure of common protocol ect.


Im actually pleasantly surprised overall with your answer, not bad. Even if you accidentally got it right, you pretty much did. It is unfortunate you didnt know a bit more before jumping into the pool but it does not seem like you did anything titanically wrong either.

21G is a pretty big sucker. Even I have never used one that big. Biggest I go is 23G. In terms of locations that will be personal preference. The Glute is good but once you get too big/ too unflexible its harder to hit. Since you will be switching to self administering I love the Ventro-Gluteal site VG henceforth. Some guys like quads I dont, absolutely my least favorite site. Deltoid is another classic site. Bis and Tris are actually good spots if you use slin pins. As far as frequency yes E3D is just about right for enanthates. Its never a bad thing to inject more frequently of course but less is not desired.

Aspirating is what its called btw and honstly its not the most necessary practice. Probably a good idea when you're new but myself and a lot of vets now dont. We kinda know where our veins are after a few hundred or thousand pokes.

At some point in the near future you will need to make a decision on test dose vs tren dose. Since you've never experienced tren sides you dont know yet but calling them unpleasant is like calling the ocean moist. Its true and its very understated. But that is another topic.


Saps thanks for the reply. That was my second post on the forum and second reply from you, much appreciated

Yah I have to work hard to get sleep while off cycle so am kind of dreading the Tren sides in that aspect....


Tren sides I've found nearly disappear if I/you keep the test dose around 200mg/wk


That is actually my plan now for my first tren run that you commented on in the other page. Im gonna keep it at 200mg for 6 wks. (As long as I get my hands on the extra)