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Injection Question

I’m currently on the 7th week of my 3rd cycle. Well, tonight, Sunday, is the day when I inject. For the first time in my 27 injections, this is the first time I’ve ever felt the juice actually being injected. Then after I finished I noticed that some of the juice was pretty much leaking out of the injection site. Has this ever happened to anyone? Again, this is the first time this has ever happened in 27 injections. If anyone has an answer to what this is or what this means then please help me.

absolutely nothing to worry about bro. i have done hundreds of injections and have had this many times. when you inject you create pressure and some of the juice has just found its way out. some guys suggest moving the muscle to one side while injecting which will “block” any from coming bck out when you pull out and release the muscle.

It’s okay. Most likely what you saw leaking out was the juice that drips on the outside of the needle before you inject. It doesn’t make it under the skin, and so it looks like it is leaking. Also, even if it is actual leakage from the injection, the loss is minimal, not nearly as much as it looks, and as long as you’re deep enough, you will be okay.

It happens. Did you leave the needle in long enough? Also, after removing the needle try pulling the surface of the skin aside.

Thank you guys for your replies. I don’t consider myself an expert in AS. I don’t do spot injections, though I want to, and I pretty much hit the ole ass everytime. I was beginning to believe that maybe I’m starting to get too much scar tissue or just plain screwed up and maybe I was going to get a hematoma. Like you guys said, it happens some times, so if it happens it happens. Again, thank you.

Try doing your injections by Z-Track. Move your skin 1 to 1.5 inches to the side, inject, aspirate, inject oil slowly, then release the skin and withdraw needle in the same motion. This will keep the oil from seeping out. Remember to always use sterile technique.