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Injection Question

I switched from transdermal trt to injectables about 2 months ago. I inject 100 units of 200mg/1ml Test a week. I inject 33 units subq three times a week. I was having trouble clearing the air bubble at the top of the syringe without wasting some of the test. I recently started drawing up about 10 units more than I need, and then depressing the plunger while the needle is still in the vile. Once I reach my desired dose I pull the needle out, draw up my hcg and inject. Is this ok to do? I feel great and have been having pain free injections. I dont want to waste even a drop of that man oil. What are your thoughts?

50iu insulin syringe? Waste is trivial. Do the labs, if you need more, inject more.

Tiny amounts of air are harmless and the air pushes out more T.

Fill the needle with 4-5iu, then push the oil back into the syringe forcefully. That will work and you can tilt the syring to place a bubble near the center. Then load.