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Injection Question


Just had a bit of a scare injecting tonight. This is only my third time injecting so I'm quite the newbie when it comes to this.

Anyway, when I inserted the syringe tonight I got a funny "pinch" when it went it. When I drew back on the plunger I didn't see any blood in the syringe but after injecting and upon removing the needle, I had quite a bit of blood come out. It stopped right away with pressure, but I'm wondering if I was in a vein and if so, what happens with the test cyp if it was injected directly into the bloodstream?

I'm just wondering if I didn't draw back enough prior to injecting for the vein test. Is this possible? Should I be worried or just not sweat it? On my previous three I had no blood at all.



As a follow-up to this, I did some investigation and found out it’s highly unlikely I went into a vein as the effects would have been immediately apparent if in fact I did. i.e. fits of coughing due to oils in the lungs, weird taste in mouth etc. IU didn’t experience any of that so I either went directly through a vein or hit a nerve and today I feel fine with no signs of an adverse reaction in the area of injection.

That said, I would like to get your opinions on how much to aspirate when injecting.

Let’s say you’re using a 1cc/22g syringe and injecting .25cc. How far should you pull the plunger to get a decent aspiration and how long should you hold it prior to injecting? Would it fill with blood immediately or does it take a few seconds to know for sure?



you just went through a vein on the way into the muscle. it happens. As long as you put immediate pressure on it, there is no real chance of the injection actually getting directly into your bloodstream.

I just aspirate half way and hold for a sec or two. If you are in a vein it will be immediately known. I hit a vein once. You pull back and there is no pressure build up, the blood just flows right into the syringe.


Thanks Pure! Let’s say you do hit a vein and notice it during aspiration, do you change the needle or just reuse for another insert?


I just pulled the needle out and found a new spot and tried again. as long as I don’t fill the entire syringe with blood, I’m not that concerned.


I wouldn’t sweat it. Even if you managed to accidentally inject into a vein, (very rare!) it’s unlikely that you’ll have a severe reaction from .25cc of oil. Your body can handle it. The worst consequence is you’ve wasted your dose, because your system will metabolize and excrete it within hours. But of course missing one dose is not the end of the world, either.


this is true. i’ve been injecting for almost 10 weeks and hit an artery or vein or most likely cappilaries

2 times. just try to find an area with the least amount and inject there and you shouldnt have any problems.


Thanks reidnez, that is pretty much what I figured out researching it after the fact. It just freaked the shit out of me!

@bartonmlee - You sure about the artery thing?


You’re fine. Everybody will nick a vein given enough injections. If the syringe dosen’t fill with blood when you aspirate the you are ok.


weelll yeah just look at where you are going to put the needle and if you see an artery move away from it

and it will be ok.



[quote]bartonmlee wrote:
weelll yeah just look at where you are going to put the needle and if you see an artery move away from it

and it will be ok.


LOL–if you can see an artery at any time, you should seek medical attention!