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Injection question

How often can I use the same injection site ?

I use 3cc´s max for in injections but some
people seems to be doing 4 cc´s, is that really ok ?

I use glute injections only but this might be a problem soon because I´m planning to use a lot
of primo so can someone explain the safest way
to inject into the quads ?

you can use the same injection site as much as you want, but you have to be careful about doing one site to much because of scar tissue. I wouldn’t suggest injecting into your thigh, there’s lots of nerves that you can hit. According to dan duchaine it’s okay to inject 10 cc’s in one injection. So don’t worry about shooting to much into your glutes.

i like to use as a rule of thumb, no more than 3ccs per shot in the glutes & no more than 2ccs in the quads. 10ccs sounds INSANE to me.
i also think it’s great to rotate injection sites, and quads are a safe and easy option. here’s how i do it. place your thumb on your hip bone & stretch open your hand down the side of your thigh. your pinky should reach the meaty part of your thigh - that’s your target. dart at a 90 degree angle - get the pin past the skin quickly and push it into the muscle slowly. inject very slowly & when done, pull the pin out quickly. btw… i use 1 1/2 inch 22 guage pins for everything (easy to aspirate from vials and pretty painless inject), but you only have to go about 1 inch into the quad. don’t use pins shorter than 1 inch though, because you want to inject your gear deep into the muscle. hope this helps… good luck bro. peace.

Ok then, if I want to inject 10cc of Primo on day 1 of my cycle is it ok to inject 5cc in one cheek and 5cc in the other splitting the dose up into 4 separate injections of 2.5cc each, albeit administered straight after each other?

simon… i’m sure different people will have different opinions on this, but this is how i would do it. if i had to shoot 10ccs of anything in one day, i’d do 4 shots (3ccs in each glute and 2ccs in each quad).

hey bro… is this a hypothetical question, or are you really planning on doing a gram of primo per week? i don’t know what your goals are, but i’m sure you’d acheive better results stacking something (test, eq, tren, winny) with it, and lowering the dosage of primo. i love primo too, but dude…
hope this helps. good luck bro & take care.

For injecting into the thigh, don’t do what
I do. I just use the “divining rod” method,
where I look and look until I decide that
today, THIS is the spot, and then inject there.

You should get an anatomy book and familiarize
yourself with nerve locations. You may also
find this in books for nurses.

A half inch, 29 gauge insulin needle works
very well for the thigh, picking spots that
appear clear of any blood vessels.

As for the gram of Primo per week matter,
it’s purely a price/performance issue. You
can get all the Class I (androgen receptor
mediated) activity you want out of Primo if
you use a lot of Primo… 400 mg/week does
some good but certainly isn’t saturating
that pathway. If you use enough Primo, you
get the exact same effect as using a smaller
amount of a more potent Class I steroid. The
advantage can be lesser side effects, e.g.,
no progestagenic side effects as with Deca,
no aromatization side effects, no conversion-
to-DHT side effect. The disadvantage is price.

If this is the only steroid used then gains
will be good but not maximal: for more gains
you’d add a Class II rather than adding or
substituting some other Class I steroid.

E.g., Primo and Winstrol are a really nice
combination, or Primo and Androsol, or all
three. But the Primo alone will give rather
nice results in what is a quite mild cycle
in terms of side effects.

Thanks for the advice guys. This is my first cycle and I’m doing 4 weeks of Primo with Androsol (and Clomid), but the reason I ask about injecting 10cc’s of Primo is that on day 1 I’ll do a gram and then 400mg per week after that.

Bill, that's exactly why I'm doing the Primo rather than any other AAS: to minimise the sides. My second cycle will be 4 weeks of Primo and Dbol to try and assess the efficacy of Androsol. And the money? I can get Primo pretty cheap here in the UK - about £5 a vial.

Simon. I too live in the UK and I can’t get Clomid for love or money. Any tips on where to get it.

Listen up! I am a Registered Nurse that works in Critical Care,and although I don’t use steroids, I thought I’d better answer this question to keep you guys from harming yourselves.
10 cc’s is way too much to inject in one place.“Amerikan” has got it right,3cc’s max or you could get a abcess, and you need to rotate your sites. To inject into the thigh,the area is 1/3rd down from the hip and 1/3rd up from the knee(so it’s the middle third).Anywhere from the middle center of the thigh towards the outer(lateral) center is okay.Pick up the muscle and “pinch” the area you are about to inject. 90 degree angle,use a 1in 23 to 20 gauge needle. It is VERY important to pull back on the plunger (aspirate)BEFORE you inject an make sure there is no blood in the syringe.IF you see blood- this means you are in a vein and about to inject “roids” into your bloodstream a VERY bad idea, so pull out and pick another site.

The safest place to intramuscularlly inject is the gluteus minimus.Place your thumb on the top of the curve of your hip(illiac crest) with your index fingerpointing straight down towards the floor then,move the other three fingers together back towards your butt so ther is a “V” between your index fingers and the other three. The small bulging muscle inbetween the index and the other fingers is the spot, no nerves and minimal pain.

Although I don’t have a problem with people taking AAS,I do feel that you should make every effort to have someone in the medical field- a PA, Nurse Practioner, or MD test your blood every month.And don’t fool around with lasix and insulin at all.
A public service message from someone who cares.