Injection Question (Bleed Out)

hi i just did my T shot(deltoid) and when i pull out the needle suddenly blood shot out from the injection site… what should i do?
will the test goes out together with the blood ? if so do i need to re inject same dose??
sorry if im at wrong section

nb: the blood stop after like 1 sec

I can only speak for myself as I’ve never poked anyone else, but my body is filled with blood. Seems to be everywhere honestly. I always see it when I make a whole in it. Been stabbing holes in it for years and so far I haven’t died.

It’s normal. Wait till you pin a bruised area and get some suuuuper dark old blood. Those are fun.

Luckily I’ve only had squirters not at home. Which is always fun


I cant pin glutes as this happens alot - a huge squirt of blood continued by a steady flow down the leg. I never injected again thinking that all the gear blew out. If it was gear it wouldnt look like dark blood imo. Sure, some probably but i dont think it matters in a run of 10 years that some gear leaked out a bit here and there. In my delts i pin with insulin needles and gear sometimes slowly drips out, but i stop it with alcohol swab. I think its a sign of injection spot being exhausted and you just need to leave it be. Anyway, no need to take it too seriously. Even if you lost the whole injection, you wont notice the difference ever. Then again if you inject one more now, you wont see any difference also…

ahh… good to hear then… i was scared when i see blood shot out from the injection side(like when you fill syringes with water and you press it out

Did it actually shoot out, or just leak? Just curious.

Ive done a few 1ml glute shots that leak a bit (L-Carnitine) but my test shots only leak a bit of the oil sometimes (granted, my test shots are .13ml).

shot out like when you you poke hole on water hose. but the blood stop in a sec.

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apply pressure with the alcohol pad you initially wiped the area with and apply pressure for 10 sec. Good practice.

Always fun. Better outside the house, otherwise best practice is to wash the sheets :smirk:

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